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Wow, I didn't know that about Huckabee. He's lost my vote.

Ray Hicks

Huckabee should write a companion book to his "Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork" called "Ending Your Shot at the Presidency With Your Big Mouth."

Cadence Storm

I am Cadence Storm and I believe in taking back our courts and our justice system, taking back our governments and taking back our Countries.
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john huesca

where does Duncan Hunter sand in the run race for the white house

John Harper

I saw the idiot Huckabee on Fox the other night. His guest was Al Sharpton and the first words out of Huckabee's mouth were, "Al Sharpton, I like you. You stir things up, and as a community activist, that's your job, to stir things up." I changed the channel and I don't ever need to hear another thing from that clown. That was enough for me to ignore him from now on.


He'll miss you.

Armchair Admiral

Can anyone explain why Fox News promotes so many clowns dedicated to stopping a potential candidacy by Mitt Romney. A thousand points of madness is still nothing more than madness at its core. Why not support the only man in America who might have a shot at stopping the Communization of a once great nation?


Mike Huckabee is insane and totally irrelevant!

The republicans want illegal aliens to remain here for the cheap labor and democrats want them for their votes. Anybody who has ever labored elbow to elbow with these people would have an entirely different perspective on the the whole deal. It's obvious Mike Huckabee and the rest of illegal alien pandering slobs (both republican and democrat) have never worked day in their lives for the kind of slave wages most employers want to pay thanks to the invasion of illegal aliens. Slavery is working for the kind of pathetic wages some of these businessmen want to pay and being expected to sustain a family.

Its too late though, under president Reagan they allowed thousands which turned into millions of illegal aliens come to enter California and steal from the working class. You haven't seen the worst of it either, this isn't far away from becoming a full on war...

Philip France

Amen to that Johnny!

My first cousin, Catherine Rose Busse, was killed by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant in Orange County, California in October of 2008. Left behind was her 14-year old autistic son. Does Selwyn's readership have any idea how often this occurs? It's staggering.

Nearly one-third of our prison population is occupied by illegal immigrants (a more accurate description and a more appropriate term would be criminal invader).

Johnny is correct in that both major political parties are culpable. The GOP because they are beholden to the construction, gaming and hospitality lobbies and Democrats who consistently seek to exploit "victim" groups for votes and who crave power and influence more than sovreignity and national security. A pox on them all!

The theme of Dr. Michael Savage, PhD and his radio program, "The Savage Nation" is: Borders, Language and Culture. He is spot on. When considering officials seeking election (or re-election), listen for these themes being prominently extolled or go home.


He lost my vote when Michelle Obama appeared on his show. He later stated on Fox ,"She is a very charming Lady". So sad to see Mike drinking the Kool-Aid.


Yeah.....Huckabee lost me when he had that "The other voices of America' a while ago on his show.
At first I liked Huckster....but now, he is nothing more than a pandering my eyes.


Rob, I didn't know that about Huckabee! He has lost my vote as well!!

Samuel Richardson

I AGREE. I like what Huck says about some things, but I always come away with a deep hole somewhere in my soul after listening to him, a feeling that there is a part of life they he really does not get. I see it now. He does not think clearly about this immigration thing. Sure, we are to be kind to the alien, and we have. But that does not mean opening the sack and let them reach in for anything. We have to be a nation of laws and that should begin at a well regulated border. If that means deporting families even with children born here, so be it. They can get in line for orderly application for citizenship.
If Mexico did not have such horrible laws concerning property rights, much of this immigration would not be happening. A company really cannot own property securely in Mexico, and is always subject to seizure by the government. Little wonder they have a poor economy. They kill free enterprise. They seize successful business and run them in the ground. Best formula for disaster for any country. That is why no jobs are there in Mexico.

Buffalo Al Ashe

Wow I always thought the Huckster was another Newt "Buy my Book" G. clone.

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