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Cadence Storm

I am Cadence Storm and I believe in taking back our courts and our justice system, taking back our governments and taking back our Countries.
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The Conservative Storm
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Someone should send this evil guy back to Hungary where he came from. US would be much better off without his evil and demonic schemes.


I think you all have it all wrong. The most evil man in the US is between Chaney and Bush. Afterall, they have allowed this illegal immigration thing to get out of hand in the first place. They have made promise after promise about securing our border, but have failed miserably. Of course there are going to be sympathetic supporters of illegal immigrants who are going to want to help them, but place the blame on those who allowed this to go on in the first place.


So "democrat" I guess this whole illegal immigration thing just sprung up during the bush administration huh? Are you sure it was Bush who allowed this to get out of hand. It couldnt have been 30+ years of unchecked border jumpers could it? Or maybe 8 years under Clinton with his "give us all your loafers and freeloaders" policies. Whats sad is you'll vote 4 another clinton who would impose universal health care so "you stupid" will get the privilege of supporting the ingrates who demand gold plated medical care. I dunno, maybe you like the idea of someone else taking "more" of your money than they already are.

Ralph E.

Snake Hunters sez,

Democrats ignore the 400 Million Bucks per year that MoveOnDotTrash spends "Conditioning" them to hate Bush/Cheney or General David Petraeus.

Democrats refer to this fine
officer as General "BeTrayUs".

Serious stuff when half the
nation has the "Hate-Virus".


Enough is enough if someone provides the money and the information, I’ll will personally kill this animal and his family, NO more liberal garbage men, the only answer is revolution, WAR! Cut the head of the snake and burn the nest!


Bush/Cheney the most evil not Soros? that's like saying the death star commanders are more evil then their emperor. Soros controls ALL of them my naive friends left and "right" to destroy your proud country. Stop supporting the media and buying their nonesense newspapers like the new york times. Stop watching the LEAST trusted newsource on TV (CNN) : drop their ratings and profits. Take back your great nation.

Douglas Lambert

We are now "Forever Share Croppers" for the big mans in Washington. He owns the farm and we get the weeds so's we can work so hard we die standin up.


Ignorance is not bliss. I look at the dates of these post and am just shocked at how little I know. I'm fast learning though. This corruption has been going on a long time, and until people really wake up and want to know the truth we will continue to live in dire times. I just hope that enough people like me really start to search and seek out the truth of what's been going on in Washington and that we the people take back our government! Putting back into office those who want to truly serve others and this great nation as it was meant to be served. Taking those out of office who would serve other countries and nations not of our values and idea's.
What right do they have to enslave us to other countries and to give our freedoms away!!! I ask you are you going to quietly sit by and let it happen. I pray to our God that those with integrity and the morale courage step forward and help with this fight.

we have no choice at this point in time. they are forcing our hand. i have sworn upon the alter of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. america is under attack now, we must strike ! steve Van Dyke. [email protected]

i have sworn upon the alter of god, eternal hostility against every form of tryanny over america and the mind of man. time is running out, we must be wise as serpants and quiet as doves.

Sel Nguyen Duc

Say Selwyn,
Before I go off to to socialist collection of books that liberals refer to as the library; Perhaps, you could tell me just who is the "Most Evil Man in America." I get confused. Is it in fact George Soros? A few months ago it was Hillary Clinton. But now, I'm sure it is Barack Obama. So many evil people. I was starting to think it was Barney Frank. But no, I've given it some thought and really, I think I've figured it out...It's you Selwyn. It's you!


It's simple isn't it? Don't label a single person as the worst. Without the support of others there is not any one person that can force their rubbish onto another. Soros, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Clinton(s), and everyone before them. They are all the filthiest of scum (minus a very few exceptions). May they all rot in hell, and those who support them.

Soros backed Obama (as well as funding Clinton's and every other liberal nut), so my vote is for Soros being the most evil. I'll laugh when this scum dies.


You are SO misguided and pathetic.......Research and find out for yourself about the Chicago styly thuggery tactics of B. O. who really stinks like any bo.......ugh


Soros now predicts a currency collapse in Europe. It doesn't appear that he favors his native Hungary or Europe over the U.S. It simply appears that he favors a strong central government.

Interestingly, he's ratcheted up his gold holdings over the last year.


There you "conservative nuts" go again. Making bigotted generalizations, by calling anyone who disagrees with you a "nut"! Any extremist (be they far left OR far right) is a threat to our civil liberties. Soros IS an evil commuinist. But I'll be just as pleased when that facist jew Michael Savage croaks!


Join the States Rights Fan Page on Facebook. We also have a radio show where we will be discussing this TOOL in 2 weeks. I would love to haver the Author of this Blog on the show. Connect with us via Facebook.

Common Man

Amen to that Canada! In recent elections, by the time Nov. 4 comes around our only choices are either someone we recognize as evil running against someone that is weak and/or doddering. Someone behind the scenes is manipulating our choices... Our choices for leaders, our choices in news broadcasts, our choices in education, and so on down the line....

We are seeing true conservatives winning their republican primaries, only to be dissed by the "establishment" republicans. I suspect that someone somewhere does not like the idea of anyone being elected that is not under their control. These are the only candidates that I will support this year.

I no longer watch TV news, I listen to very little radio and the only paart of the newspaper worth any time anymore is the sports page. Let's pray that we can turn both of our countries around to our original principles.

Common Man

Welcome to the fight! For too long we the people have been on autopilot, just assuming that most of our government and its leaders are good. We have entrusted the education of our children to "experts", unfortunately, most of the teachers (certainly not all!) are only experts at indoctrination, not education. Most people do not know anything about the Constitution, except the twisted interpretations spouted by liberal congress people and their media friends. I urge everyone to get a copy and read it - then start pressing their senators and representatives, asking why they are violating it!


The reality is that Progressives with George Soros' direction have already prepared for the North American Union including Mexico, US and Canada having held regular meetings over the past ten years. The Last one was in Canada and held in secret. The President's decisions are explained when you consider his failing to enforce the Borders and illegal immigration laws. He sues AZ and his Justice department failed to offer protection for whites who were threatened by the Black Panters in PA. Soros and this President's Administration have hindered every effort to enforce the law because open borders are coming! Do a little research and you will find this information. They even have the momentary issue worked out after they collapse our economy. They must bankrupt us first so they can have one standard of currency. This will invite gangs free access to the US and Canada and millions of illegals will continue to burden our States budgets until they collapse. The Progressive will then step in with UN troops and bring peace! When I was told these thing and all that has happened I thought those people were nuts, but after research and watching it unfold they were right.

Our only hope is that the American people stop the Progressives on Novemeber 2! If we don't stop it we will become progressive/Socialist/marxist. All realty is here and many of the administrations supporter have stated they will use the end of the gun to enforce these tranformation that the President promised.

Philip France

Right on, Lloyd.

If the political right can withstand the massive voter-fraud and prevail in November, come January we must pressure our Congress and legislatures to investigate Soros, whom Selwyn Duke coorectly identifies as the most evil man in America.

Admittedly, this will be impossible under a DOJ headed by Anerica-hating and terrorist-sympathizing Eric Holder; but let's start building a case and accumulating files.

The mental disorder that is modern liberalism is epitomized by George Soros, a leftist lunatic. He is a Hungarian Jew that escaped the totalitarianism that sought to eliminate him only to advicate for the very same policies and society that once advocated for his extermination.

If this is not a mentally disordered and deranged human being, then please define what is?


"May you live in interesting times..." -Chinese Proverb. To which I respond, SCREW YOU! I'm frightened, and not much scares me. I'm a fighter, and whenever I have a problem I just kick it's arse, make it submit, thrash it! -But there is nothing tangible to thrash here. Our country is in a bad way, with so many enemies right now, both foreign and domestic. Foreign opposition is easy to accept. We can look, identify it, and the plan of action becomes prevalent. -Though even that has become difficult! However having our opposition WITHIN is awful. I meet SO MANY LEFTIST, who have abandoned common sense in favor of FOOLISHNESS that I weep for them! -Then I weep for us! I am often FORCED to ask, "WHAT PLANET AM I LIVING ON?" Dealing with SO many people who were OBVIOUSLY taught WHAT to think, but were in DIRE need of an education in HOW to think. I can't kick EVERYONE'S ARSE BY MYSELF! -but I'm willing to give it a try! KNUCKLEHEADS!!

Nancy in NC

The sad part is that our current administration appears to be in the cahoots with Soros in his attempt to destroy our currency, and ultimately capitalism and our country. The man is ruthless, and has been working on this "project" for years in the shadows. Glenn Beck is shining the light on him this week, and I'm not sure of that's a good or bad thing. Myself, I'm trying to become prepared for the worst, like stocking up on food. We may be headed towards hyperinflation, and food will just be unaffordable for the middle class. Can you imagine $50 for 5 lbs. of sugar? $75 for a can of coffee? And I can't imagine how much gasoline and energy bills will be. Instead of buying gold, I'm buying food. It may be a worthwhile commodity, and I'm buying lots of ammo. I'm hoping and praying that none of this will be needed, but it's better to be prepared than to be sorry. I urge others to heed the warnings.


spoken just like most misinformed OBOMAITES

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