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April 05, 2017


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In order to commit my life to another person's life, I only need her - I'm old-fashioned - agreement, that is marriage. The rest of the world can go fly a kite, no matter which one of facebook's 54 genders they may claim to be. From the societal standpoint, it only matters if we are both adults and capable of consenting to the marriage. Period. Nothing else matters, nothing else is anyone's business. It is one of the very few actions I can take in the U.S. these days that doesn't require permission from some idiot in government. Oh, but you gotta ... no, we don't gottta nothing. No license, no health exam, no permission or agreement with any other living soul. As far as the Millennials marrying, it's not a surprise to me that they "...are lagging behind on the traditional markers of adulthood". Too many of their parents weren't adults either. Remember how the typical ceremony starts off? "We are gathered in the presence of God and this company...", and if push comes to shove, we can marry without "...this company". She and I and God. Those of you who don't believe in God, not a problem, but you still don't need anyone's permission or approval. Anyone who thinks it is their business should be invited to leave our presence in the most vulgar manner possible. Ain't no one else's business.


I'm certain earning power has something to do with marriage statistics. Having to live with parents as a couple isn't easy though I've seen it done. It's also true that lack of planning to do anything beyond signing up for what is essentially 4 more years of highschool has dead ended many young lives into a self indulgent semi-poverty.

I get a sense of Schadenfreude that the generation just before mine has proved 8 year old me right by being lousy parents. Dirty potheads and fornicators!

I also see evidence of a growing awareness that lemming-like trust in the self-serving advice of universities is often a mistake. I think there's a healthy frustration that may bring an end to endless adolescence in the near future

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