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January 05, 2016


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Selwyn, this is a wonderfully written bit of work ! I agree with the sentiment but really find it a pleasure to read such a well written piece.


Oh, if only a consistent majority of Americans could discern the philosophical BS which is political correctness, Selwyn, as you have described in the article.

The socio-political issues in America today are strictly philosophical...if the issue needs a solution, that solution lies totally within the philosophical realm

And herein lies the reason why it, or any other 'problem' in this society will never be fixed or resolved: THERE DOES NOT EXIST a coherent philosophy for living today among anyone; not the Academicians, the politicians, the media or the entertainment types; hell, you couldn't find a plurality of John and Mary Q. Publics who follow a consistent philosophy for living at which requires a rational faculty, not an emotionally based one as is practiced today.


"Except Donald Trump. Not only doesn’t he apologize, but he gets in the thought police’s face, doubles down and may demand an apology from them.

And his supporters go wild. "

"Only Rosie O'donnell" !

Yes. I went wild.

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