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August 13, 2013


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Savage? I'd bet on it.
Selwyn, you used to be heard on his show - I learned of you via it. What happened?
When two fine minds clash...
Something similar happened with him and Ellis Washington. Ellis was in fact once writing a Savage biography - but Ellis soon stopped speaking on the show, and, well, no bio.
When two fine minds clash, two minds of a rare quality...
But both minds are on the same side, the same team, no?
Civil war intrigues me...something can be learned from it.
Your above piece teaches me something. But what would I give to know both sides of the same story!?
Well, it's probably none of my business and i would likely fail to fully understand anyhow because,
as he says, the inner workings of an atom are just as complex and mysterious as the workings between people.

Philip France

I have been curious about the very same thing. I follow both Selwyn Duke and Ellis Washington fervently and I am also an admirer of the esteemed Dr. Savage.

Savage seems to me to be more likely to cause such a rift. It's too bad because he truly is a brilliant man.

sticks n stones

Unrequited love.

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