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January 29, 2013


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Mmm you might have a bit more of a point if you could explain how the ever increasing aging of our populations will be paid for and how the increased resources per human will be funded.
Yes there will eventually be a slow decrease in population in the meantime we have a growing population that wants stuff. If you have any doubts about what this looks like check Beijing .


I usually just tell the David Attenboroughs of the world that nature ALREADY "limits the growth of the population." If the population gets "too" high, some people will starve and die until there are once again enough resources for all. Sounds cruel, but that's how nature works.

Sick bitches like Attenborough want to get ahead of the problem by starving everyone immediately.


"Sick bitches like Attenborough want to get ahead of the problem by starving everyone immediately."

Except himself. If he really believed what he writes he'd commit suicide. Ain't gonna happen.

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