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December 19, 2012


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Robert Berger

Selwyn,you and the people who share your views are NOT ocnservative - you are Neanderthal
retrogressive creeps who want to "take America back" alright - right back to the dark ages !
Supposedly, conservatives want to "preserve the best of the past". But people like you want to return to the WORST of the past, and then some .
You want ot undo all the enormous social progress America has made in the past 50 years or so,
and return to the bad old days when poor pregnant women died at the hands of dangerous back-alley abortionists, homosexuals lived in fear of being exposed and losing their jobs, and sent to mental hospitals where they were "cured" of their homosexuality with brutal electric shock therapy and even lobotomized , when th epolice could arrst and prosectue you for purchasing something as innocuous as a Playboy magazine, where kids in school who were not Christian were punished , humiliated, and vilified in class for not wanting to participate in Christian prayer an dsit through Bible readings , women had far fewer opportunities etc . This is NOT what America needs now . Barack Obama and his administration are America's only hope against the dark forces of obscurantism, ignorance, stupidity, religious fanaticism,narrow-mindedness, intolerance and bigotry which the republicna party and its evil ally the religious right represent .
They must be defeated at all costs or America is doomed to revert to utter barbarism and theocratic tyranny .


Unsurprisingly, most self-proclaimed "fiscal conservatives" are anything but. I've never seen such a person take a conservative position on a single fiscal issue. And - needless to say - they are somewhere to the left of Castro on "social issues."

If the GOP is REALLY interested in "reaching out" to Hispanics, perhaps they should start forcefully EMPHASIZING opposition to abortion and homosexuality. As it stands now, Mott Romney is pretty much offering Hispanics fewer welfare treats AND a tacit acceptance of the left's social agenda. Why would they vote for that, exactly??

Philip France

How dare you Robert?

Your views have more in common with Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot than they do with Madison, Jefferson and Franklin.

During the Cold War (and even before it), Stalin sent his agents to the U.S. to subvert its culture; particularly its morality and its patriotism. You swallowed the bait. You are a cultural Marxist and one day you will pay.

So shut the hell up.

Philip France

By the way, in case you don't believe me, here is my evidence:

Mike St James

Beware the literate Progressive. They wave their vocabularies around like madmen swinging swords in a crowded subway car. Impressive to watch, but it rarely makes sense, and the results are always ugly. I prefer the average libtard, bereft of logic and reason (just like Berger) but good for a chuckle, at least. Having lived (happily) in those "bad old years" five decades gone, I can tell you that this rabid ideolog did not. Or if he did, he's a liar. Gay people were always among us; some good folks, some awful, just like straight people. I worked with and among them, served with them in the military, socialized in all settings. They did not lose their jobs or suffer degradation, largely because they kept their sexual preferences and activities personal and private, just like the rest of us did, and it was a wonderful life. Finally, we are all living in Berger's world right now. How's that working out for you?

John Charles

I watched this video in its entirety. I knew some but not to the extent that's it's detailed in this documentary. Wow! The American people are in a state of "unconsciousness ignorance" -- we don't know what we don't know. Every school, every home should have this video to view. How on Earth will we ever untangle the web of evil woven around us? The video is enlightening and depressing.

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