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November 13, 2012


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What should be the most damning thing about it all is how willing the GOP is to shrug off the evidence. There is only one plausible response to that.

Robert Berger

Crybaby Selwyn ! Grow up . Obama won the election . Get over it ! Don't give me all that B.S. about election fraud . You right-wingers are the worst sore losers on the planet earth .


This is kind of sad, was it the right wing that laughed when the progressives claimed the Florida result was straight fraud but it gave your guy the presidency. Now some poorly sourced "claims" of fraud which you think would change such a massive electoral result. Let's face it the repubs didn'tT win even with their attempt to disenfranchise many.
Americans as a whole do not want a president who doesn't hav,e the balls to say no to Donald Trump


Unfortunately, I don't think Romney has the backbone to stand up and fight. Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, or Rick Perry might have, but not Romney.


-Our "guy"? Who was that? My guy was Chuck Baldwin than Gary Johnson this year.

-Disenfranchise? Lol That's what you call it when you actually think Blacks should be treated like normal human beings. Get an ID to vote? WTF!!! That's racist.


Funny because you Obama supporters are probably the worst sore winners. You're man has one yet you troll conservative sites. And I'm an ex-liberal.

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