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October 22, 2012


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The answer to the question asked in the title is: Yes, vote fraud will win the election for Obama. Between the multiple votes by registered voters, multiple votes by unregistered voters in the names of imaginary but registered voters, in the names of the dead voters and in the names of the convicted felons - votes in multiple categories omitted - Obama will win in the landslide. Why else all the fuss about purging the roll of registered voters of 'Mickey Mouse' and the like as well as the deceased? Why else all the fuss and screaming and judicial nullification of duly passed legislative enactments with no basis in evidence at all that minority voters would be thereby disenfranchised? (Note on that one that minority voters not only have to use photo ID to get welfare but that they can get photo ID for free in most states; only requires getting up off your dead ... and going to the appropriate state agency's local office.) And you can be sure that once he's back in office, he will issue an executive order making himself president-for-life, immediately after his "October Surprise", which will be some form of a faked armed rebellion by imagined 'white supremicist militias'. Or something much like that thereby justifying declaring martial law across the nation and issuing the order to make himself the Emperor Barry I. Getting really close to time to move to another country ... or maybe just quit taking my medicine and moving to whatever comes after this life.

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