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May 22, 2012


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Then it must be getting close to time for whites to pack their bags and move on, another Voertrek, if you will. Why? Well, the knee-jerk answer is because I'm white and therefore a racist. Actually, it's because there is no evidence that in a nation run by minorities, whites will get anything resembling fair treatment. That is practially guaranteed, in view of the repeated assertion that minorities cannot be racist, by the legacy media ignoring mob attacks on white resulting in deaths, serious injuries and - trivial in comparison - robberies and by the failure and continued refusal of the minority community to insist on their children learning anything in schools or even being taught not to respond to words they don't like with deadly force. Teaching their kids the "White Devil" theory of American history, reinforcing their belief that white racists and racism is why they are unable to function in a technological society, will guarantee a Rhodesia-style result. Just in case you missed it, Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe - forced all the white farmers and ranchers off their lands and parcelled the land out to black farmers and ranchers; killed the ones who resisted the move either legally or by refusing to move off their land. Result was, predictably, food shortages and famine in spots, since the new owners don't know how to farm or raise livestock. Massive inflation, economic disaster. See South Africa for more. Look closer to home and review the history of Detroit since about 1970 or thereabouts. Time to find a new place to live. Not me, I'm old and will die of natural causes long before the much-heralded demographic turn-over will occur, but you younger folks are in for a world of trouble. And to add insult to injury, you will be told - long and loudly - that it's your own fault. The age of iron is coming again.

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