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March 12, 2012


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My fear is that it will take many incidents like the one in K.C. before whites realize the necessity of responding with their own ADL-type defenses. Blacks aren't the only group incubating preposterously negative anti-white bias while going unchallenged with their less caustic public expressions of racism. I'd think that fighting back sooner rather than later would avert a period of violent hate crimes directed at whites. Unfortunately, the schools aren't going to help unless whites organize and persistently file complaints. This K.C. school, for instance, would be a good place to start. I've no doubt that a barrage of e-mails and phone calls from all over the US would at least encourage the administration to reign in the callous indifference to anti-white bullying.


If whites organize to file complaints and to oppose this sort of mis-treatment of children, even if they take great pains to avoid even an appearance of violence, they will immediately be branded in the local, state and national media, as being racists. The school is going to ignore the complaints of the parents. I would not be surprised to find that this school is in a majority-black school district, with few if any white school board members; that would go a long way to explaining the teachers' and administration's indifference to the parents' complaints about the situation and the context of the assault on Allen. What needs to happen is whites need to move out of black-majority residential areas, school districts, towns, cities and counties and take their jobs and their taxes and their kids with them. Find a place to live, work and raise your children where the local authorities will not see them as 'training aids' in teaching the local minority children how to be racist bigots and how to act out that bigotry without any regard for potential punishment. The message ought to be plain, at this point: from the White House down to the local schools (where the faculty, administration and students believe they can get away with it) many black politicians - elected and appointed, local, state and federal - see this time as an opportunity to seek revenge for any real and imagined injuries to blacks and Hispanics. There is no chance that white parents will be able to protect their children in a black-majority jurisdiction, except possibly for criminal prosecutions after their child is kidnapped, brutalized, tortured and finally allowed to die by some minority children or young adults who have been taught that it's okay for them to hate whites and to express that hate in violence because their teachers and mentors - maybe even their parents - have been teaching them the "White Devil" theory of American history. No alternative for whites in such a circumstance: move and move soon.


So where is Eric Holder's corrupt DOJ? Had this been reversed you can bet the Civil Rights Division of DOJ would have swooped in with their jack booted thugs to guarantee protection of civil rights and "fairness".

Why not take this to the U.N. panel on human rights as the NAACP has done about the new voting ID law in Texas?

Dang! The crickets sure are loud this time.


This illustrates why Europeans, or whites, must see themselves as a distinct people with distinct interests. These tensions and crimes are not circumscribed to one high school in Kansas City, Missouri. Whether it is Columbus Day, President's Day, MLK Day, Black History Month, social studies, etc. the lesson taught in every school in America is that Europeans are an ignoble blight, the colored-races are exemplars of restraint and virtue, and that if only we had a color-blind society, which means the colored-races retain their identities while the whites lose theirs, we would see justice in America. After more than forty years of social engineering the reality of conferring parity to the colored-races is now apparent, and it is not ideal. Today, unfortunately, there are many Americas, and the qualities of the blacks can be seen in Detroit, Michigan, the Mexicans in Laredo, Texas, the whites in Grant's Pass, Oregon. And in mixed communities when crimes are perpetrated against whites, from the White House to the court house, from the classroom to the newsroom, we receive the insolence of office, the law's delay.

Not only must Europeans move to live with their own, they must demand freedom of association to protect their neighborhoods, schools, families and identity. Virtually every people that has existed defined themselves by blood lineage and culture, rather than an amorphous political heritage. It was by our freedom of association and civilized culture that the American Way was forged. Submitting to the coercion to accept otherwise will ensure an American Yugoslavia to be forged instead.


No agency of the United Nations has any legitimate authority over any political question in the United States. That's the answer to "Why not take this to the U.N. ...". That the NAACP thinks that 'letting the Dane into England' will solve their political problems is only a support for my first post. Why? Consider how the NAACP has "advanced" its people; compare the simpliest stats relating to human well-being in the Black American community in 1960 with the same stats for 2010 and you'll see that 'advanced' equals in practice 'retreated'. So I doubt that their decision to turn to that bastion of international bureaucracy and tyranny will turn out well for them and their example ought not to be emulated by the rest of us.


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would post my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Great blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


"According to a woman named Melissa Coon,"
>>> What? Is that a joke or an unfortunate coincidence?

Hennie Breed

You are lucky in America .We are murdered tortured,raped ,on a daily basis in South Africa and you do nothing!!!!!!


What is a racist? If a person that wants to preserve their civilized culture, their language, their heritage, their FAITH, is called a may call me a be it. The time of the political correctness has to stop.

Generally speaking, because of the basic good nature of white people, they have turned the other cheek...but now the time has come when common sense has to prevail. We've been mandated to death by the enemy within our nation. We have invaders through legal and illegal immigration, because they can't make it in their own countries, they invade ours, wanting what we have, and willing to steal it. We have to turn back to God's Word, laws, or continue the consequences.

Exod. 34:12-16; Deut. 7:2-4
Covenants with pagan or ungodly nations leads to idolatry and adoption of pagan ways.

Exod. 23:33; Josh. 23:12-13
You shall not allow foreigners that are pagans to emigrate into or dwell in your nation; for they shall be as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they shall trouble you in your land.

Account Deleted

MAKES ME WANNA HOLLER by Nathan McCall [born 1955]
[Prof Afro Am studies - Emory U] Published 1994 page 62

Following not limited to McCall’s gang, nor to McCall’s city, nor to the 1970s.
Following racist behavior downplayed [then and now] by MSM and Government.

“We all hated white people. The fellas and I never talked about specific things they'd done to us, but we instinctively knew that each of us had been through bad scenes with white folks before. So we took it out on white boys.

After we reached the ninth grade and were sent to the mostly white Woodrow Wilson High School across town, we fxcked up white boys more than we went to class. We walked through secluded areas of the building after classes on Fridays. When we came upon a white boy, somebody would light into him, then everybody else sprang and we’d do him in.

One day, we double banked a guy standing at his locker in the area where the wood shop classes were held. We walked as if we were going to pass him, then Lep hauled off and punched him in the face.
Then I popped him in the mouth. He fell back and slammed his head into the lockers. Before I could hit him again, somebody else hit him with a barrage of punches that sent him crashing to the floor. We kicked him in the face and stomped him until blood squirted everywhere. After we finished, we ran out a side door and went home.

I saw that white boy in school about a week later. Walking down the hall, Lep nudged me and pointed him out. He had his arm in a sling and bandages taped to the bridge of his nose. I snickered and told Lep, "We fxcked him up good."” … END QUOTE

McCall and his gang were not “ghetto”. They were from financially secure families.
Lived in middle class neighborhood.

Account Deleted

Following not limited to McCall’s gang, nor to McCall’s city, nor to the 1970s.
Following racist behavior downplayed [then and now] by MSM and Government.

MAKES ME WANNA HOLLER by Nathan McCall [born 1955]
[Prof Afro Am studies - Emory U] Published 1994 page 4

“…. After my older brother Dwight got his driver's license, a group of us would pile into my stepfather's car some evenings and cruise through a nearby white neighborhood, searching for people walking the streets. We'd spot some whites, get out, rush over, and, using sticks and fists, try to beat them to within an inch of their lives. ….. End Quote

Must read for anyone interested in how USA got into its present precarious race relations condition.
SOUL ON ICE by [the late] Eldridge Cleaver also sheds light on how current American racial relations came to be. Cleaver explained why raping White women was a good freedom fighter activity. “Payback” for slavery etc etc etc …

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