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January 15, 2012


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Brother John

Quite so, and this is the chief reason why I despair. I am not a racist, I am a culturist; and as such, I believe -- in accordance with all available evidence over the past three centuries! -- that Western culture, as it originated with north-western European Christians, chiefly, is by far the best and the one most suited to creating prosperity for the greatest number of individuals and freedom for all of them. There is no evidence anywhere that suggests otherwise. I thank God every day that I was born in the United States, and if you were, you should, too.

That said, I do believe that we ought to shield our blessings and appreciate them. By this, I do not mean our flatscreen TVs and cars upholstered in soft, Corinthian leather. Rather, I mean the very freedom and liberty and security of property that makes these things possible. At the same time, ought not we as Christians share our bounty? Where does this leave us?

Immigration policy was at its very clearest and finest in the years around 1924. It was highly restricted and very picky about new immigrants' points of origin. Now, you might make the case that those who enacted and enforced such legislation were 'racists' -- meaning that since many merely looked differently, they were to be hated and feared. Whatever their motivation, though, the result in practical terms was just as it should be: the unity and cohesion of the United States. The opposite has been achieved since Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act: disunity, Balkanization, and a bloated, creaking welfare state.

We've imported far too much of the world's poverty and ignorance. There are those responsible who might say that this is a result of our duty to share. Rather, we are becoming like the Middle East -- a land of savages and barbarians who seize property and dangerous technology (automatic or atomic weapons, anyone?) without having the technological understanding or the respect for human life to be entrusted with such things.

If our only thought is to continue to import poverty, ignorance, and barbarism -- and the cultural pathologies that create them -- from all over the world, we'd do much better to either consider a way to export the liberty that provides such blessings, or to halt any and all immigration entirely. The rest of the world agree with the American left -- that instead of seeing them elevated to our standard of living, we need to be cut down to theirs.


While this argument should be made to people added in the conversation, it doesn't help it that besides Buchanan and a few others maybe (liberals may whine that he's racist, but his arguments have a lot of depths and concern for Americans of all races which the white supremacy types sometimes note), arguments in opposition to legal immigration on the chance you do see them are often done by blatant white nationalists.

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