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September 14, 2011


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Robert Berger

A lot of conservatives are guilty of equal stupidity and silliness in the other direction.
Just as liberal PC frowns on the things you describe, conservative PC frowns on kids reading things as harmless as Harry Potter, and makes the idiotic assumption that if gay people appear in public schools to urge kids to be tolerant of gay people and not do violence to them,this will automatically "make their kids gay". Which is idiotic.
Kids who are gay will be that way anyway, and having gay people appear in school can't make any one gay.Likewise, NOT having gay people appear in schools won't stop any kid who IS gay already from being that way.
Conservative PC assumes that if a teenage boy gets a hold of a Playboy or Penthouse magazine,it will corrupt him for life and turn him into a sex addict who can't control; his urges to use porn. Ridiculous. Conservatives are so terrified of any young person being exposed to nudity it's ludicrous. Their minds are still stuck in the ridiculously prudish attitudes of the Victorian era.
When one of Janet Jackson's breasts was accidentally exposed on TV for A SECOND , America reacted as though this were a national emergency worse than 9/11 ! Unbelievable !
Conservative PC holds that you can't be moral and virtuous unless you are religious, preferably an evangelical Christian, and that if you're a liberal, or an atheist or agnostic, you must be a "moral relativist" who thinks that there is no such thing as right and wrong, and that they have the right to do anything they want with no regard for others. If you're not a devout Christian, you must be a wicked,Godless, hedonistic,sexually promiscuous, baby-killing monster. Idiotic ! And that's just the tip of the iceberg of conservative PC.

A high school student

Very good article Mr. Duke. This is a good allusion to the lack of common sense that is apparent these days. I like the lighter-hearted message that you gave and it makes me feel better to know that you are in better spirits. Be strong, and remember that it always gets darker before the dawn.


IT ALWAYS GETS DARKER BEFORE THE DAWN!!! but Dawn happens anyway. I see a change coming soon. Highschool and college women arent getting the dates they thought might happen. Women are going to start getting feminine again, and get out of the MILITARY..when we are in there, most men who are raised right will try to protect them and get SHOT; a guy is a comrade but a lady should be protected, cause shes a potential mother, etc.


Mr Berger- the "victorian era" as bad as it was, was to preserve the family from going deeper into immorality!! Porn is BAD. PERIOD. ALL KINDS. what it happening now, i believe because of the pornified culture, little girls are being made to look like teenagers and the APA is looseing the DISORDER OF PEDOPHILIA!! (watch your sons and daughters gentlemen!)Child 'love' is coming next.....Ive heard it said, that many men are 'atheistic' so they could have their share of PORN. and 'free' sex

Alex Galletti

Toy guns are okay to give to children as long as there is a parental control. Just like you, I was taught by my parents to respect elders. With proper control and guidance, kids will never lose their way growing up. One good thing about a toy gun is it can instill a sense of confidence in a child, a sense of bravery and courage when it comes to facing life's challenges.

Douglas J. Bender

"By Marx." Something seems suspicious about this.

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