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December 30, 2010


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Philip France

Selwyn Duke is as factually correct as he is eloquent and logical.

Recommended reading:

Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy and Security by Dr. Michael Savage, Ph.D.

The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists by Aaron Lien (with Brenda J. Elliott).

The Obama Nation: Leftists Politics and the Cult of Personality by Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

Conduct Unbecoming: How Barack Obama is Destroying the Military and Endangering Our Security.

This man is treasonnous and seditious.

I have taken up the practice of confronting people still sporting Obama stickers on their bumpers by gently and quietly stating, "If you are still displaying that sticker, you are too ignorant to vote."

Robert Berger

Oh come on,Selwyn.You're just rehashing the same old lies about Obama.Boy are you gullible! All of the accusations you and other paranoid,right-wing loons have been making have been completely discredited long ago.
Jerome Corsi has been revealed to be a total fraud and phony,and yet you gullibly fall for the garbage he spouts.
The real threat is from awful right-wing excuses for poltiicians like the loathsome Michele Bachmann,that inbred,hillbilly,Bible-thumping ignoramus Jim Demint,the amiable but stupid Mike Huckabee,etc,and those wolves in sheep's clothing,the despicable religious right.
Thesenarrow-minded,intolerant,ignorant and self-righteous jerks should never have been elected to serve in Washington or in any political office,and it makes me ashamed as an American to see such awfulpeople in Washington.
I don't care if their Chrsitians.But I do care that they're so narrow-minded and intolerant.And it's appalling to think thatif Obama loses in 2112, America may elect a homophobic bigot as President.This is no better than having an anti-=semitic bigot in the White House.
Obama is hardly perfect,but he's still infinitely preferable to any of Republicans who might run.Sarah Palin isn't a bad person,but she is simply not very bright.Her popular image as a regular gal and moose-hunting soccer mom is nothing but a smokescreen for her wrong-headed political ideas.Nothing but a cynical ploy for right-wing extremists in Washington to get the power they must never have.
I'm no Marxist or communist,and neither is Obama.Lies,lies,and nothing but lies.

Philip France


You have it exactly backwards. No one here cares what you think. Why do you bother?

Happy New Year


robert i give you kudos for trying but any fool who malisciously does the Godwin has no arguement. Selwyn is just fear wrangling for the lowest IQ. Generally he has some argument but now he has nothing more than false guilt by asociation. False because most of the people that he has cited would be shot as capitalist running dogs by real communists and would be considered mildly left wing in most of the educated west. And of course selwyn has totally dog whistled the fact that a black man in Chicago may go to a culturally black church, I dont like J Wright but I cant see a great deal of difference between his philosphy than that of the Catholic liberaltion churches of central and south america. they both gave comfort to the disenfranchised, somewhat like Jesus was supposed to have done.

However the "wealth is worshipful" mega churches of Bushes family and mainstream christian faith are somehow considered beyond reproach.

Personally selwyn and philly I would judge Obama by his actions which are disapointing only in the sense he is trying to make all people happy at the same time.

Philip France

Happy New Year Yoyo.

You are out of your mind but I love you anyway. I consider it a shame because I believe that you are bright but that you establish your opinions from very biased sources and it appears that you do very little investigations on your own.

Your opinion that Obama "is trying to make all people happy" is ludicrous. Read the title to Michael Savage's book: "Trickle Up Poverty". THAT is his agenda. Dr. Savage is a Ph.D. There is no way to stack your credentials, nor that of anyone from whom you obtain "news" against his brilliant mind.

By dismissing Selwyn's documentary as "guilt by association" is to shamelessly miss his overall point. If it walks like a Marxist, talks like a Marxist, associates with Marxists, was raised and mentored by Marxists and quacks like a Marxist what other conclusion can be arrived at?


I would challenge Yoyo and Berger to read "Radical in Chief" by Stanley Kurtz.

Nazism and Communism are the same beast; both forms of total Statism we are just taught to hate Nazis more than commies because of the Holocost but we are taught to ignore the Wholeocost.

Great article Selwyn.

Robert Berger

Let's face it.If Obama were a conservative Republican with views and agenda diametrically opposed to the ones he has,and still had an American mother and an African-born father, the whole birther movement would never have been hatched,conservatives would love him,praise him to the skies,the idiotic notions that he is a Marxist,communist,a Muslim,hates America, that idiot Joseph Farah would never have questioned his legitimacy as President, and no on else would.
All the stupid false rumors that have been dogging Obama ever since he came to prominence are based on the fact that he has a nerve to stand up to conservatives and conservatism, to be pro-choice,pro gay rights, doesn't want to deny poor people and those of the middle class help, etc.
It's all been nothing but a pack of lies.
Conservatives would not be calling for his impeachment,saying all many of vile and disgusting things about him,and demonizing the way they have been. Pure hypocrisy.

A High School Student

Wow, Mr. Berger. I haven't agreed on your arguments in the past, but some of them at minimal have some sort of rational thinking. The blog you have posted is so opinionized that it sounds like something that Oprah would say on her television show. What this shows is that you cannot embrace the fact that Obama is in fact a Left-winged president. You can easily look at what he has done and the ideas that he promotes, and you can see that he mirrors FDR. All of the above information about Obama's mentor and his educational background is correct. You do not have to search very hard to find this information and it strongly supports that Obama is in fact as you said he isn't. He is a Marxist, communist, Muslim-supporting, and America hating president. All of his ideals and the legislation that he is passing supports these notion. There hasn't been any change since he was in office to show other wise. I think the whole point of this article is to show that Obama hasn't changed and will not change. We cannot sit and think that Obama will come to his senses that what he is doing is not at the country's best interest. He does it for his own interests. He is not alone, him and others that have a similar agenda are destroying this country and the Constitution is almost nonexistent. Look around you Mr. Berger! Our rights are being violated by the TSA. They do full body searches on an old woman, but refuse to do it to a Muslim because it is "profiling". This Obamacare that is trying to be passed is not constitutional in the slightest. The Arizona bill about immigration is fully constitutional and is reinforcing federal policy, but it is also considered racially discriminating by the left-wing. I do not understand at all that people are arguing against the fact that Obama is a Left-wing socalist. You cannot use emotions to judge someone's character. You use facts. Facts are used in every argument as support. Your entire argument is based on platitudes instead of facts. I am sorry Mr. Berger, but your argument is invalid.

Have a happy January 3


dear high school student, I wont delve into bulk of you screed because it swmells too stongly of rupert murdoch and faux news - remember he started in my country, I know what he is capable of.

I would pick you up on the one point I have direct and concrete information on. Obama is not responsible for the obomination that is your latest series of TSA directives. They are driven by 3. things (in order)1. the movement of the previous head of the TSA to Rapiscan 2. The failure of security forces to deal with your shoe bomber despite warnings and 3.the pressure the GFM has put on airlines and airports.

The comment about screening white granny and not brown mohammed is not factual both get screened however the screening of both is ineffectual and wastely and doesn't increase security.

(PS The new board member of rapiscan was a Bush appointee as has been clear in industryjournals for many months - we are fighting to avoid this pathetic approach over here as we speak.)

Jim Doolittle are so dead to your sins...WOW!

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