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October 15, 2010


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Philip France

Selwyn Duke has hit another one out of the park.

These days, the true victims of discrimination are the white, Anglo-Saxon, heterosexual, Christian males.

We are fair game for the mentally-disordered political left. Woe unto you if your insane and infantile goals are actually realised.

You will be slaves to the tyranny, oppression and violence that your worldview invites.

A high school student

The problem with discrimination is that it can never disappear. The discrimination between groups of people just changes due to political agendas and personal biases. The discrimination between the genders due to being quote "fair", is ridiculous to hear, but the stark reality is that it is true and Mr.Duke does a good job bringing that aspect to light. I really hope that I can do something about the country, but all I can do now is support the values and morals that I know are right. I can't wait until next year, then I will be able to vote and at least have a little say in what goes on around in my community. If the previous mentioned methods of discrimination and other left-winged ideals are put into effect by then however, then my vote will be redundant won't it?
May America persevere and become great again

Whitey Lawful

A neoconservative would end this article positively with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., and a further extolment regarding the past counter-culture.

Abercrombie Online

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Ugh. This won't help the majority, nor will it help minorities. It'll just fudge the numbers to make it look like things have gotten better. Hide the problems instead of solve them. Great idea.

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