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July 18, 2010


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It is dead wrong. People who say we are all immigrants. that is right.LEGAL ONES..who have either been born here or have come in ILLEGALLY. it has to STOP and the freaks in DC do not want to listen to WE THE PEOPLE who ARE the Government ! we need to act like it, stand on our precious Constitution, Declaration of Independance and our G-d given Bill of Rights. Take a good look around. Rape, drugs, human trafficing, murder, home invasions, stollen car's , robbery, our ecconomy is shot, our hard earned money goes in their pockets, charge cards, pensions, we have all the disease back we rid ourselves of. Big Pharam is killing many. It is always follow the money. We have rats the size of cats, beg bugs, and avery lawless thing I can think of. DEBT is what this bunch wants. all the middle class is dying, and only the real rich off our tax money will make it. most of the stupid politicians who bow to them for money will also join the rest of the slaves..that is what we are more each day. the schools are full of hell and drugged children, by gov of course and G-d is OUT and EVIL is good..G-d warned of that, woe to them that call evil good and good evil. the church has traded the truth of G-d's word for apostasy, unity, with those who will show them they will never unite, full of hate, destruction and lawlessness and will destroy all of us. and if that doesn't work, I am sure Wash has a good plan to stop the fight, maybe the grid. maybe a terrorist attack or maybe eveyone will just roll up in a fetal position with the rest of the nuts. especially those who call justice love..what a mess. G-d told us to hire G-dly men and women and HOLD them accountable and to follow the laws of the land, our forefathers warned us as did REAGAN. we are a REPUBLIC and not a Democracay, IF YOU CAN HOLD ONTO IT> ONE warned we are to have guns to protect ourselves and our families and in case Gov got out of control, like Hitler..NOT one place in the scripture does G-d day it is ok for the enemy to steal, kill or destroy. but instead warned us that is what Satan does..not one war did G-d let the enemy win. why..becaue they trusted Him and believed HIM. WE are to give from the heart, not have it taken by deceit and force. UNTIL America gets up and fights the good fight, before it is too late. we are done ! pray, yes, sit and sleep and enjoy the lawlessness and let our children suffer and die. NOT MY G-d. Love your neighbor as thyself, YES, let HIm destroy you NO..we give more than all the countries put together to the human cause that is in this world..WE are also to vote on where our tax money goes..did you vote. an top that with our taxes pay for weapons that will destroy us thanks to Wash DC and that has been happening for yrs. You had best wake up..civil war is coming and you best be prepared. Hebrews tells us a wise man see's clamity coming and prepares..are you? If you love America and freedom you might remember how many died and gave their all so you can roll over and go back to sleep..Laws were made to follow UNDER G-D...Keep beliving the lies about Israel about the people in GAZA who are in good shape, not hungry and come into Israel for medical. the only thing the pLO has done is make stud missles. our money at work. Genesis 12:3 is for read from a G-d who doesn't change..HE is the same today and forever. and HE Is coming soon to destroy not to make peace..It will be a terrible day when hell really breaks loose in this precious country..I say put our troops on the border and send our ARMY into WASH DC and hancuff the lot of them, and in the states. LET us take our country back while we still can..G-d bless America and let us bring G-d back. everyone has always had freedom of religon but those who want to kill us an take our country and try to force us to worship their way,,NOT IN THIS WORLD...

Taylor Moore

America may be able to survive everything EXCEPT this immigration problem. The influx of scores of millions of people from South has irreversibly changed America. As most Mexicans are of a strong left-wing bent, by shear numbers America will become and will remain a socialist (perhaps even transforming into a communist) system.


"Thus, amnesty not only would radically transform the political landscape, it would constitute a cultural tsunami."

No! It HAS become ANOTHER, compounding cultural tsunami. From my experience over 80 years, there has been a dramatic cultural change. Religion, mores, patriotism, sovereignty, personal responsibility, appreciation of and application of simple “logic” in political argument, multicultural diversity, living Constitution ... you are better at this than I. Our political system, inherently, results in a focus of impact upon me and my group first, impact upon the whole, second. We are succumbing at an increasing rate. The immigration issue is NOT new, is not changing attitudes of the "groups," and is merely another furthering phenomenon ... which continues to further divide us.


The will to survive....the key phrase in all of this. The will to survive depends greatly on the strength and solidness of true love for the ideals set forth by our founding fathers. Without that deep and unconditional love, we have no will.
We don't have to be mensa members to know exactly where Obama and his crowd are leading us. I really have no problems with Mexicans, Canadians, or anyone else coming here in a legal status, following protocol that is etched in concrete for everyone to follow. The problem with Obama is that he will do anything...literally anything...for a vote to continue and perpetually re-elect, re-instate and foster himself and his political Marxist line. My opinion is that there are certain things that cannot be assimilated or integrated into our society...particularly from a cultural standpoint. We cannot integrate massive numbers of Muslims into the culture of our country. It doesn't mean we hate Muslims. The price of admitting massive numbers of Muslims to our country would require each citizen to adopt measures to counter-balance the extreme views...from our perspective...that these individuals harbor and often, in the name of Allah, will perpetrate. We are not accustomed to seeing our citizens go around with a hooded is extemely foreign to us. We are not accustomed to beheadings, stoning of women, mutilating their genitals, and treating them worse than second class citizens. It is not a part of us, and never will be...unless we submit to the tenants of Obama, who by his nature, seems bent on giving Muslims...whether Black Panthers, New Panthers, or any other like minded reign. Can you imagine giving away our NASA research of years intensive work, providing approval for a ten story mosque a few hundred feet from where 9/11 occured, untagging terrorist as to who they really are, etc. etc., which are only minor considerations compared to the one great consideration....would you cherish taking an AK-47 to bed with you each night? That is often done in the State of Israel. The Mexican question is a completely different one. Mexicans are completely integrateable and assembled in our society...that is if they are admitted in reasonable not massive numbers. With massive numbers the question of drugs, criminal activity, and failure to follow the norms of being admitted in legal progression of balance and control. The social norms of Mexicans allows complete integration without violent consequences. The social norms of Muslims do not allow a free flow of socialization. Case in point...honor killings, sharia law, expression of radical or far out Islamic doctrine expression. These cannot be integrated into our cultural background. It doesn't mean we hate Muslims. Their cultural norms are well expressed in their countries of origin, and as long as it is expressed there and not here, I personally have no problem with it, except I have plenty of "empathy" for anyone living under the threat of being stoned for any reason, the least of which for wearing a thin dress or committing the act of adultery. Obama, out of his complete lack of understanding for the preservation of our culture and society, is willing to sacrifice it all...perhaps for his Muslim/socialist/communist background. Do we have the will, fortitude, stamina, and utter love for our wonderful nation to say...Hell no you can't, and over my dead body you won't. The coming elections will spell triumph or continued disaster for this country...which will it be?

Philip France

I have three points in support of Selwyn's outstanding article:

1. E pluribus unum. This means "out of many, one". This is the backbone of the United States of America. Think about it: No other nation can claim that, for instance, "I am a Haitian-Frenchman". You are either French or you're not. If you come here, learn our language and adopt our Judeo/Christian culture and heritage. You will then be accepted and subsequently prosper.

2. Selwyn (rightly) mentions Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and the Immigration Act of 1964 (if memory serves, he was a Congressman at the time). Sen. Kennedy was arguably the worst liar in the history of American politics (Bill & Hillary certainly gave him a good run for his money and Barack Hussein Obama, II is rapidly closing in). One can, without any additional thought, research or calculation, condlude that anything that Ted Kennedy was in favor of is detrimental to the United States and our founding documents and God-given liberties.

3. Dr. Michael Savage, Ph D is correct: Borders, Language, Culture. That defines a nation.

E Pluribus Unum.


Thanks Philip. You are right on target in many aspects of your statement. If we were giving out a liar award, Teddyboy would remain high on the list. At one time the State of Mass called him their number one juvenile delinquent LOL. At this time in our history, it seems that lying is the rule, not the exception. Have you ever noticed that when one of these politicians are pressed to "explain their lying", they always present a "smiling face". Take any of them...Rangel, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Waxman, you name it....they, any of them, will come across with a wonderful smiling face. When you have a president elected by his ability to lie, preaching far out delusional promises of a dream like utopian nature....developed out of and through a family of athiest, socialist, and communist leanings..which also extended into a fanatical Muslim world, no matter how much it was denied and lied know we are in very bad shape. Unless there is a miraculous turn around...a brick wall to stop the progression of the progressives...we will continue to go the way that Soros, the media, Hollywood, the ACLU, and other far out left wing propagandist and organizations are pushing us.

Bob C.

I'm sad whenever a Hannity or Beck (love them both) feel that they must qualify their opposition to ILLEGAL aliens with a mention of their steadfast support of LEGAL immigrants. Well, LEGALS have flipped Bob Dornan's district from a 60-40 easy victory into a stolen seat initially, and now into a seat that Communist Loretta Sanchez couldn't lose if she were caught molesting a child. All this has happened within a few election cycles. The district represents a microcosm of ALL America within 20 years, I'm afraid. Sometimes I think that many Americans possess a death wish. Bob


Bob C. ...Sanchez had help from a healthy dose of illegals also, I lived through it.

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