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May 23, 2010


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A Very lucid article, worthy of an ovation ][ ][ ][ ][.


Where's the "REALLY LIKE" button?

Ruth Hammons

Very well said...and besides that; if the shoe fits wear it...whom else is doing the illegal things that we are sick of here in AZ but illegal mexicans...why would we approach anyone else about it than them, for after all,THEY ARE the ones doing this...why would we accuse any other group? dah..just a matter of intelligence and deduction...I swear that there are those who are loosing their grey matter at an alarming just stands to reason and common sense: something there is not as much of as once here in our nation. Seems to me the leftist, liberal clap trap that has been washed over our nation, in every way, has caused a gross case of stupidity, ignorance, moronic thinking and the worst of all is; the mindless politically correct clap trap that is rattled all over...good heavens is this what we have fought so hard for? to become mindless twits with no brains, gumption or voice to stop the fools that seem to have taken over our nation? Are they Americans or little green people in disguise? I would recognize them more easily, than the disguised, so called Americans, that are doing these horrible things to our freedom...I for one am ready to fight! For folks, it is going to mean a civil war and they are going to try and stop whatever means!

JJ Suprise

Selwyn, thanks for another great article! I love your rationality.
Thanks again and God Bless,
JJ Suprise
Sandy, Utah

Jim Bourland

Bulls eye! Plain and to the understanding. Squared with reality!


When illegals by the hundreds invade over private property....deface, kill, kidnap, drug deal, and destroy...the citizens of Arizona have a perfect right to defend thenselves. If the feds are unable to provide the means, then the folks of Arizona should be able to use whatever means of detecting that seems appropriate. If asking anyone for identifying papers seems harsh and cruel, what other benign means is there to draw a line and be certain. Should we smile, shake their hands, and say..."Go at it, it is not mine, take all you want, kill, rape, murder, and kidnap. After all, if Obama says it's OK, it has to be OK." Has anyone checked "his" papers. It seems that some have doubts about his place of birth. From all his "actions", not his might appear that some of us wonder about whose side he is really on. As long as they are on their way to an ice cream matter what their intent..."Thy shalt not question them". LOL


Lets face it. The kidnappings and drug cartels are not happening on the Canadian border. Its not the dutch or the german or english people coming over here. Its the mexicans along the mexican border. If we dont start getting control on the border theres going to be major shoot outs on both sides of the border. Were going to end up with a street war on the borders.

Philip France

Selwyn Duke is getting better by the word.

I have some points that I would like to add:

It is not only Mexicans and other Hispanics that are crossing our Southern border. Members of Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are taking on Hispanic surnames, shaving their beards and invading our Nation among the Hispanics. If an Arizona law enforcement office happens to catch one with a dirty bomb or a vile of Anthrax, who wouldn’t be delighted that such a scumbag was profiled?

The Arizona law does not discriminate against Hispanic illegal immigrants, either. While Hispanic illegals are the abundant majority, we have illegal immigrants from Eastern European countries and Southeast Asian countries (and who knows where else?). If a man (or woman) with a heavy Russian accent is pulled over for a traffic violation and does not have his (or her) papers, the law applies equally.

Lastly, I condemn leftists that invoke Nazi Germany while decrying this legislation. Male Jews in Nazi Germany had to show more than just papers to Nazi officers (for those of you not tracking with me, they were forced to remove certain articles of clothing). To besmirch the memory of their suffering and humiliation during your lunatic rants about this common sense and necessary law is an outrage and a disgrace.


If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck.....duh!

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