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April 08, 2010


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I believe the solution would be to replace the Republican party and have everyone vote the Constitution Party in. Republicans have violated their own platform time and time again. They are just as bad as the Democrats in my book. They all have the same agenda, just different viewpoints on how to achieve their goals.
"What agenda"? One might ask. Nothing but the New World Order that has been planned by the Illuminati for eons.

The truth is, it is all good versus evil as was from the beginning of time. I am a Christian and there are many disbelievers out there. But I have to laugh at them then feel sorry for them. Because this is all mentioned in the Bible. There will be a one world government, there will eventually be a one world currency but the only way you will be able to use that currency is to be chipped and there will be a one world religion. If you continue to believe in Jesus Christ you will be put to death. Their desire is to rid the earth of all Christians and references to Jesus. How funny it is that this is what the desire of Satan has been even before he was kicked out of heaven. It all fits.

Prophecy may be put on hold with enough prayer but it will never change. It will happen, ready or not. It would be best to be ready. Have faith, God is in control.


The Commucrats ceased representing me in 1963, you know which incident exposed them as cæsar wannabe's. The Repulsivans failed us in 1992 when they failed to question the election fraud that allowed Komrad Klinton to invade the White House, establish the Oral Office, and sell military secrets to the mainland Chinese. I've been voting Libertarian and regularly ever since, the 'major' parties have failed our Republic. Just like Rome...


We have elected the enemy and he is among us, big time. It is as if we have been captured and placed in a jail cell. You can shout all you want to, but your shouts only extend a little way past the bars that confine you. You have no control over the guy with the key to the cell door. You may think you do. The fellow who represents you, has been bought off. He has taken all your money, but your interest and freedom he has ignored. He took your Bible and your lost faith and had no way to protect your home and family. He didn't even knock at your door. He walked in and declared everything you own...including your wife and kids...beonged to him. You yelled, cried, begged, and no avail. Then you looked around you. That TV still has programs, and is filled with beautiful, wonderful speeches..all delivered with a smile,and a certain cocked head as if an Italian dictator of years past has been re-incarnated. What is more, all your neighbors have been fleeced, also. They are still on the outside, because they fell for every deceitful, delusional, utopian promise that came out of his mouth...without question. They are still on the pavement, applauding. Their numbed up minds...distracted by a mirage of perfectly orchestrated, propagandized, unreal promises, sweetened by a little gift of booze and cig money...believe that one does not have to work to make a living. My kid is sick, and because those no good, fat cat physicians quit and refused to follow your had the courtesy to send a senior high school student with "medical training" by my house to see him. Thank you Master, for such a wonderful response. You have taught us that prayer does not matter anymore...after all, your mom did not believe in God either. She was a wonderful socialist, who believed in the Marxist way of looking at life and living...tinted by a little critical philosophy. Since the only thriving businesses are the undertaker and prostitution, a whore will not help my I guess we'll know in a day or so, what the other alternative will be. IN this jail cell, I can only dream of what I should have done to prevent this from happening to me. I should have thanked you for the collapse of the dollar...for disarming the nation, and demeaning the military...for all the porn on late night cable, hard to find a channel absent of screwing...for promoting alternate life styles, with homosexuality as the norm, rather than the exception...for fracturing the family nucleus...for marinalizing God and teaching of the Good Word, after all you set the example, by not going to church and still having a secret religious mentorship by your favorite guy, not wrong, but Wright. There is so much else I should have agreed with you on, to stay out of jail. Sorry I could not do it. But, somehow, something inside of me said NO, and it still does...and that's why I am still in jail. YOu speak of collectivism, the masses, the unions, and I speak of the individual human heart, and its yearnings to be set free, to express itself in a free enterpise expressed in a society of capitalism. Opportunity for all, and outcomes depending on individual effort and work, without mandates, coercion, or edicts. I think we shall prevail...but only if the ballot box is kept sacred, honest, and without corruption.


The "Ballot" box is a sensible suggestion to just
vote the "usurper" Obama out. However, if he is
not exposed as being ""ineligible" under Article II,
section 1, clause 5 of Our Constitution and impeached or
prosecuted for fraud and conspiracy ALL of his BILLS that
he has passed & signed will remain in effect.
If he is found guilty of "crimes" they would, or should
become "null & void". Plus it will become prescedent if
another person runs for Office without being born to
two "Parents" (plural) who are u.s. citizens. (which is what a
"natural born Citizen (capital C) is under Article II.
Obama's father was never a u.s. citizen. Obama inherited his
British subject citizenship through his father. Period.
Nothing can change that.


Other than Dan's, the comments on this thread seem a bit unusual. I am suspicious.



Philip France

Selwyn has written another hard-hitting piece and with his customary literary aplomb. I would like to add two points:

1. For those of you counting the days until the November elections, fuggeadboudit. The Obamunists, led by Senators UpChuck Schumer and John Con-yours are plotting UVR (Universal Voter Registration) so that every miscreant, illegal immigrant, felon and paroled felon will vote them back in.

Putrid and evil George Soros is working around the clock to ascertain that radical leftists are placed as State Attorneys General so that even if a Republican or Conservative candidate legitimately wins an election, they will recount them until the left's choice is "proven" to be the winner. This has already occured in the state of Washington's gubernatorial race a few years agao and again when Minnesota's Senate race was handed to a failed comedian named Stuart Smalley (the "Smalley " can refer simultaneously to both his wisdom and his manhood).

2. Radio host Mike Church (Sirius Patriot 144) has called for a Constitutional Convention that would abolish our current Leviathan Federal Government and perhaps restore our Republic to the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Although I am not a big fan of Mr. Church, owing to his smugness and pomposity, he is a pretty smart guy. This seems like a good idea that is worth looking into by me and Selwyn's sober-minded readership.

Stay tuned.

Philip France


Soros and his Marxist surrogates are plotting to hand-pick their fellow travelers as Secretaries of State (not Attorney General as I previously stated).

Mea culpa.

Joe Chernicoff

Dan - get your facts straight. According to his Kenyan birth certificate, Obama was born in Kenya to an American mother who met all the requirements of the following:

Evidence of Physical Presence of U.S. National Parent Prior to the Birth of the Applicant: Evidence that, prior to the applicant's birth, the U.S. national parent was physically present in the United States or an outlying possession (American Samoa, Swains Island) for a total of seven years drawn from any continuous ten-year period (allowing for absences of not more than one year), and five of those seven years must have been after the
applicant's parent was age 14.

Now that being said, it does not excuse Obama's conduct as president - his early school background in madrassas, and his experiences in Chicago, for instance, lay claim to his unfitness to be president (among other things. Read his first book "Dreams for my Father", and you will have a better idea of where the guy came from,

Also, you may want to read my blogs at


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