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April 02, 2010


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Philip France

Selwyn is on a roll, following outstanding articles with yet more outstanding articles. His alacrity of mind and ability to articulate his thoughts are astounding. He is absolutely right to call out the journalistic malfeasance of a corrupt media and press corps.

Selwyn is also correct for laying the source of such bitter tragedy at the feet of the Kinsey-Hefner-Hollywood unholy trinity.

As for journalistic malfeasance, read this and weep:

These unforgivable crimes against children are vastly unreported and/or underreported. Worse yet are the hand-slap sentences that are meted out by demons in filthy black robes. The stench from the bench is making me clench.

I stand with Selwyn in support of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI and in condemnation of the mentally-disordered vermin the MSM and the press corps.


Selwyn, Philip and other apologists like Bill Donohue are doing their best to use sophistry to avoid the issue. Whether a 14 year old boy has pubic hair or not, the forced, manipulative sexual abuse by an adult in power, an adult that uses their position in the community to discredit the victim and cover their crimes is unforgivable. The figures of abuse by teachers in schools are not sustainable but any abuse by teachers is equally abhorent.

Despite your dislike of Kinsey or any other figure from the 70's, no-one made these relgious figures prey on children or other parishoners, no-one made these foul shepherds cover up their depredations and no-one made the heirachy provide a movable abuse train posting known rapists to many different communitities and forcibly persuading victims not to use the courts or the police.

This current pope ios probably no worse than previous popes but to cover up a priestly abuser is exactly what Jesus warns against when he says that he who hurts children commits the worst of crimes. I know Philip will give us the exact quote.

This crime and that or the Irish nuns should embarrass the followers of christ more than anyone else. It is christians who keep telling us that only followers of religion can be truly moral.

Philip France

Welcome back Dearest Yoyo,

As usual, you missed the point of Selwyn's article and my response to it. It must be difficult to see clearly with your head so far up your behind.

The recent sex-abuse allegations are being brought forth DECADES after they allegedly occured. Can you account for your own whereabouts and doings 20 some-odd years ago? You are falling for the untrustworthy reports from a patently dishonest media as actual fact. J-School graduates are overwhelmingly Marxist. They are taught overwhelmingly by Marxist professors. It is not only their habit to lie, it is their very NATURE!

Why are you not railing against the coverup of Moslem honor killings? What have you to say about the frequent stoning-to-death of women in Iran and Saudi Arabia for "alleged" infidelities?

Please, before you respond to me, rent the movie "The Stoning of Soraya M" and then explain to me why an alleged sex abuse scandal and even more alleged cover up by Roman Catholic Bishops deserves non-stop media coverage but this merits nary a word.

And you accuse ME of sophistry? Freaking hypocrite.

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