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March 10, 2010


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Philip France

"We should completely reject the concept of gender. And we can start by saving the word for grammar. Remember, the side that defines the vocabulary of a debate, wins the debate. You cannot combat an agenda if you use its language."

Thank you, Selwyn Duke for illuminating this important point and you are spot-on in your analysis. The term "gender" has only to do with vocabulary usage and in predominantly non-English languages. This is a ruse of the radical left to soften their agenda of outrage. The left must ALWAYS rely on lies, deceit and misinformation to influence the malleable and the naive.

All of us must vocally and viscerally oppose the radical homosexual/pink mafia agenda. They are targeting our children and poisoning them as we speak to their perverted and deviant agenda. They have done so aggressively and so successfully that youth now perceive homosexuality and bisexuality as "cool". This is the new "Fonzi", if you will. This is the expression of traditional adolescent rebellion; which once was manifested by leather jackets and cigarettes but is now manifested in effeminate males and with less-than-comely females preparing their appearance as "butch".

This is sociopathy. This is criminal. This is an outrage. We, as a civil society must oppose this atrocious attack on our children with all of our vigor and with our loudest of voices.

This is a Marxist plan to subvert civil society and sow discord into it.. If one needs further proof, read on:

To Yoyo, Robert Berger and Larry Rivera and any other of my antagonists here, read this first and understand it before replying to my comments. This article shows you all to be useful idiots to a very sinister cause.


Philip, no matter how gorgeous you are (and I'm sure you are just fine) gay people are NOT trying to turn you into a potential bedpartner. Let's face it, gay people are not a new phenominum and the fact they are finally able to ask for some basic human rights should not be so scary.

The opponents of DODT (an ever dwindling group of non military folk) have fallen back to the intensly offensive idea that gay and lesbian soldiers put their bodies on the line in middle eastern hell holes and the dust bowl of afghanistan just for the chance to perv on some toothless, tattood straight boy from arkensaw. The people who are soooo scared of gay men really have to think about what they want to avoid. Phil, your kids wont become gay just because they are not allowed to beat gay people up. If it was so easy to avoid being gay through "positive" christian socialisation we wouldn't see as many born again preachers falling out of the closet. just treat them as equal humans and guess what? they dont bite or prosletise.


PS please excuse spelling, I've had mel-syd-townville-brisbane-syd-mel since monday and am opperating on pure adrenaline now.

Larrry Rivera

There goes Mr. Selwyn again…Ranting on about boys and girls. And who’s who in bathrooms across America and the world. He’s a little too preoccupied with that sort of thing…in a serious way. But, I’ve said that before.

What Duke can’t seem to realize, and he would if he had kids of his own, is that they (we) are all different. And difference in Duke’s “outdated” way of thinking is what really fires all eight of his conservatively supercharged, “God is Awesome” cylinders.

He can’t bear any differences; in gender, culture, religion, race or anything for that matter from the mythical vision he has of the order of life in the fifties. And that is a mythical vision because the differences he despises existed then; but were buried in a monumental hypocrisy that only continues to shatter today.

That is, except in the minds of proud, Neanderthal, absolutists like Duke who want to keep people in their places; or at least to be quite and stop demanding that they be, well…accepted.

Oh, he’ll give you reason after reason. And foundation after bedrock foundation for his feelings and beliefs. (Actually he doesn’t, in that Mr. Spock way of his, claim to have feelings.) But, I’ve always thought that what’s really moving under the skin of Selwyn Duke… Is fear.

Not fear of the modern or the transsexual or gay. But, fear that at his core, he himself is different. And I’ll sure bet that he is.

Sticks n Stones

Mr. Duke is different from you, that's for sure. He uses logic and reasoning instead of childish ad hominems.

It is obvious by Mr. Duke's large audience that he is not alone in his moral absolutism.

Your fanatical obsession with Mr. Duke is duly noted.

Mr. Duke, Keep the Aspidistra flying!

Philip France

It is obvious that both Yoyo and Larry did not read the article that I embedded in my earlier post.

If they did and if they are still found wanting, well, woe unto them. They are useful idiots of this sinister cause and they owe humanity a tremendous aplogy for which they will one day be held into account.

I would like to think better of both of you. Please read the article and know what set you up for your perverse world-view. I will get back to you afterward.


Sorry Phil, your article was less than convincing, but given the real problems the catholic heirachy has with their propensity for covering up the predation of children by clergy, I find a bit of "the gays are coming to get us" hysteria more a smoke screen for their real acts of cruelty and sexual misdeads.

PS the links to research on child abuse sexual and physical in Ireland and germany were too many to add.


PS even off the top of my head and many years from my Masters I can recognise some obvious examples of quote mining and misquoting in the article you value. I really am sorry that the "authors" of this piece of agitprop would take advantage of the good will of people like yourself.

Philip France

Yoyo (and Larry),

Once again you are dead wrong. In fact, I suggest that you are hallucinogenic. Are you mad? Are you daft?

I suggest that you read "After the Ball" by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. If you are intellectually honest (which thus far you have been anything but) you will contrast this by reading "The Homosexual Agenda" by Alan Sears and Craig Osten.

I have read both of these works and understand them both. I am informed as to the intents of BOTH sides of this issue. You are NOT. The radical homosexual agenda is bad for both you AND I. Will you find it acceptable to find a man in your Ladies' room primping himself in front of the mirror in your airport lavaratory? How about if he is sodomizing a child in the stall next to yours? Will you speak out with outrage or disgust or will you applaud him for his taste in pastels?

You also question DADT. You hopeless moron! If your home is invaded by a radical Islamist seeking to perform a cliterectomy on your daughters, who would rather have defend you? A baloney-smoking player of the pink oboe or a true-grit American stud that cherishes freedom and liberty who could, with a clench of fist, send the attacker immediately to his seventy-two virgins (the supposed virgins, if God is just, will all look like Rosie O'Dumbell)?

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