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August 13, 2009


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Philip France

Selwyn, your writing is absolutely masterful. Even one who might disagree with you cannot help but be awed by your wisdom, your logic, your understanding of history and your grasp of the English language.

There is another great book written by a very witty author that supports your essay. That book is the bestseller "America Alone" by Mark Steyn. I highly recommend it.

By the way, is Selwyn Duke planning on writing a book? If so, I want to place an advanced order.

Robert Berger

In fact, world population has more than doubled in the past 50 years, so we aren't exactly lacking in people on earth.
All this talk about the alleged low birthrate is nothing but an excuse to advocate making abortion illegal, and to con people into thinking that it's a great idea for all married couples to have huge families, and that they shouldn't worry about the environment,
food or water supply etc. Everything will be hunky dory if we all just have a lot of big,happy families ! Give me a break !!
And saying that all the world's people would fit into a tiny space on the globe ignores the fact that there are vast areas
on the globe which are totally uninhabitable, or which could would never be able to support more than a small population .
Yet conservatives keep their heads in the ground like so many ostriches.

Philip France

Dear Robert,

You are in need of psychiatric help. You, by evidence of your own statements, are delusional. You suffer from a mental disorder.

I would conjecture that your disorder is brought on by dependence to mind-altering drugs. But, my friend and my fellow human being, I assure you that you are out of your mind.

I extend my hand in human kindness to help you. I am not a clinical psychologist or sanctioned therapist but here are my credentials:

I am an avid and enthusiastic student of the The Holy Bible, Our Creator's written word and will.

I am a cynic, non-pariel, due to my maturity from being the victim of the gullibility of trusting my fellow msn. My life experience is that my fellow man is most untrustworthy, especially those that hold positions of popularity on TV and in popular culture.

I am a voracious reader. I certainly subscribe to publications that I deem trusted and absorb them daily, but I am also intellectually honest enough to examine and evaluate opposing opinion.

To wit, I have reached the following conclusion: the Left has achieved its advances through clever deceit and blatant dishonesty.

You and your ilk might win every battle, but in the end you will lose the war. It is written.


PS Isn't it about time that you grow up?

Anne White

When people reject the cross, they reject life. It is true that political solutions to our crisis will be inadequate. The problem is that we are too distracted and never find the time to pray.


Sorry robert berger, since i have found this site i have realised that there are whole streaks of the human race that feel like bronze age descriptions will help us with 20th centurary problems. Yep according to the Phillips and Amys, their god is just waiting to shower our progeny with mana. if that doesn't happen philip has no solution at all except perhaps taking a shotgun to the funny looking people. Hey lets all have massive families and despite what philip's holy book says about looking after our progeny we'll just trust to knuckle dragging christians who have never managed to get past high school education. Way to go!


Anne, please explain, why it is that people with dying children who pray 24/7 never get the result they would like? Waiting......


Yoyo, Are your really looking for answers or are you simply baiting. There are answers for you if you truly seek them. However, if you are content with the childish stereotypes you have been fed by the godless left I won’t waste my time.

Russ Davis

How true is what you say, but you sadly make but scant reference to the sole hope we have, as our Founders understood: faith in Jesus Christ Who Alone can save us from our disastrous delusions, for just as only Christianity was able to save Europe from the Muslim hoards, no matter its manifest corruption; even its corrupt state was more powerful than Islam's "purity" (as is true today too!), so too today only Christianity is able to save us, though I mean by that those who take its fundamental, God's Word, the Bible, seriously, as happened in the Reformation and Great Awakenings, unlike most now. God save us all.

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