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October 25, 2008


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Big Bang

Driver’s licenses + Illegal aliens + Obama = Multiple nuclear terrorist attacks?

Come on…


This is scary! Obama just might get us all killed. How can people even think of electing this man?!!!!!!


Those who have lost their faith put their faith in Barack Obama. He is their false hope, their hollow salvation. He is the ultimate pretender in a masquerade for power. He is the shadow that comes as the light, a corruption that appears as pure, a lie that claims the truth. What fearful thing is behind that mask, what soul-less evil that will close the door of Freedom that the Founders opened centuries ago? Is there nothing we can do?

Vote McCain!

It is January 2011, President John McCain returns to the White House after a short illness. He is physically weakened and his nerves are fayed from a series of confrontations with Iran. A few days later, he suffers a massive stroke and is hospitalized at Walter Reed.

Vice President Sara Palin assumes the duties of the President of the United States of America.

The Iranians, dealing with a high level of instability within their own ranks, threaten Israel with destruction. President Palin sends the 5th Fleet, in a show of force, to maneuvers in the Persian Gulf. The Iranians take action to block the Strait of Hormuz.

Almost immediately, several Iranian warships are sunk. The Iranians respond with a missile attack on Israel. An American ballistic missile submarine launches an attack on key sites within Iran. Oil shipments out of the Gulf cease. The entire Islamic world further unites against America.

Want to worry about something? Worry about that!



Here's what you can do...

1. Up your meds. The current dose isn't working.
2. Ask the nurse not to let you near a computer till your blood levels are right.
3. Open up more in group.
4. Consider electro shock.

If that doesn't help, you've got a great career ahead as a TV preacher.


Will, if you and people like you survived the Bush administration and the poor job of it's inhabitants, then certainly, you can survive Obama's, who would obviously be a better choice than both McCain and both Bush's. Even though nutzoids like yourself would rather send this country to hell in a handbasket by handing it over to more idiots like Palin and McCain, the saner majority begs to differ, because we want to survive! We want our kids to survive, and not be shipped off to fight and continue a war that shouldn't have taken place in the beginning. And most importantly, we want our economy to be restored, not sent even further down the toilet if we elect McCain.


You mean be taken care of not survive. Cradle to grave, you'll make a great second-hander.


From where you got this all information guys?

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