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July 12, 2008


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Chuck Norton

Hi Selwyn, thanks for the link and also thanks for pointing out my than/then typo. That is the number one typo I make when I write and it has always been a curse to me. I made sure to go back and fix it. I updated the post. Schneider is a public relations professional and the Public Relations Society of America (PSRA) has a code of ethics that Schneider has obviously violated.


Does being wrong on every issue count as a typo? If so, I'm pretty sure that's the number one typo you make when you write.


By the way, might I suggest that there be a statement on the front page of this blog which says: I am/am not related to David Duke.

Chuck Norton

Hi Selwyn, I just thought that you should know that the IUPUI Chancellor has apologized to Sampson again. I have the letter on my blog.

All the best,



Dear Selwyn,

Your Ivy League friend is on target.

A lawyer who has sued a number of academic administrators said they are the worst people to deal with. The only way he could ever get them to give in is "by pinning him against the wall with my elbow at his throat and my knee in his groin." That sounds like Schneider.

The state pays six figures for people of this caliber. It also pays when they waste time and energy on this stuff. Ditto when they lose or settle the case.

I think Bantz is preserving his own freedom of action. He can step in at any point and offer a deal. Then he becomes the good guy.

To conclude, I thank Mr. Sampson for his good work -- he has done something important here. I wish him all the best. Same to you.

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