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July 08, 2008


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" hurts the traditional family..."
Selwyn, you are such a loser. It's not saying much for "stronger" men when they advocate unequal pay in arenas where there's really no legitimate reason for it, other than women look for careers based on work-family balance. This may also explain why they typically live longer, due to the fact that men spend all this time at work, being stress out, and dying of heart disease.
At some point, you must admit that all men, including Obama, are afraid of women challenging their authority. It's also no secret that men find it easier to talk to other men and are not willing, most times, to go outside of their comfort zones.
And with the prices of gas, food, and everything else increasing, most families need two incomes to survive. I know that you hate this fact Selwyn, but it's not the 1950's. Get over it!

well-paid working woman

Well written and thoughtful, once again.

I am a 36-year old woman (currently living in Sonoma County, CA) who has worked in a male dominated industry for the past 10 years, a single mom for the first 8 of those 10 years.

My male coworkers work VERY long hours. Not a pansy 8-hour day with a one-hour lunch and how many ever 15 minute breaks they should take. With those long hours comes greater responsibility and greater risk to our company and their individual incomes. (80%, at least, have wives at home raising the kids, like the 1950's-rare in today's society)

As my time in the industry has grown, so has my pay, flexibility with hours and ability to be with my daughter. In no way do I find that I am a victim of society for being a female, in fact just the opposite. My need be to work fewer hours than the rest of my male coworkers meant I worked harder when I was there.

I have achieved respect the old-fashioned way...I earned it. Long live the "unfairness of the market".


What do you expect from a Democrat? Next thing he’ll be saying is, “No new taxes.” And “Mission Accomplished!”


Joe, I believe you have it all wrong. Both of those were the famous, well-spoken quotes from Republicans......and related republicans at that!


And "well-paid working woman," you may think that you are getting paid well, but believe me, you're not getting paid what they are, and "you earned it."

Alice Alger

Re: well-paid working woman

What an inspirational story! Hard work and perseverance again paying off in the arena of the marketplace. And on the part of a woman too! Someone who had to work harder than the men, (when she was there) so she could devote sweet time to motherhood. And now, after ten years of toil, struggle, commitment and devotion…Now, she has achieved (That is what’s missing in our society today, isn’t it; Achievement?)…Now, she has achieved a stunning salary. And respect. And the pride of knowing that yes, (wipe away the tear here)…she has, all by herself... Earned it!

well-paid working woman

to democrat.....No I am not getting paid what they are and you know what, I am okay with that because they are working to keep the mothers of their babies at home. That you could never make enough money to compensate for.


HELLO...This is not 1957, and unless those women want to stay at home, they shouldn't be required to just because someone's ego requires it. And actually, the fact that someone gets paid on their sex or other superficial bases isn't alright for those who believe that their work ethics are either equal or surpass those they compete against. And just in case you didn't know it well-paid-working woman, the t.v. does come in color now.

There's no use debating liberals on this topic (or most others). They would love nothing more than for every man and woman to work all day, leaving the children to be cared for (read: programmed) by the state. Democrat, did it ever occur to you that by staying home and raising healthy, virtuous children, that the accomplishments of women equal or even surpass those of the man that works in an office all day? There's more to life than money and power, my friend. The wisest of women know this...that's why their children are usually the most well-adjusted. It's not a matter of "being required to just because someone's ego requires it" -- it's about choice and personal fulfillment.


So, a parent staying home will automatically produce "healthy, virtuous children." That's a newsflash to me because if you look at the examples of most conservative, especially conservative Christians, their children grow up to be the most unadjusted, unhealthy children and adults known to this planet. So really, it makes no difference if a parent stays home or not if that parent isn't instilling values into their children, what's the use in them staying home? It takes a lot more to raising children than just "staying home." And as a matter of fact, both of my parents worked and I wasn't "programmed" by the state. And anyone with sense knows that the reason men and women are paid differently for the same jobs has nothing to do with being less skilled, and everything to do with the "bread winner" mentality. As I said before, if that's the choice someone wants to make, fine, but if in fact it's made for them just so that an ego will have room in the house, that's not healthy for the adults involved, or the children who now grow up thinking that someone's projected shortcomings is the key to a healthy relationship.

"...if you look at the examples of most conservative, especially conservative Christians, their children grow up to be the most unadjusted, unhealthy children and adults known to this planet."

That's flat out untrue, unless you consider a conservative worldview to be the mark of maladjustment (which I suspect you do).

"And as a matter of fact, both of my parents worked and I wasn't "programmed" by the state."

Judging from your comments on this blog, I'd say the programming was a success.


Democrat, no one is more programmed or more prejudiced than you are. You said "the reason men and women are paid differently for the same jobs has nothing to do with being less skilled, and everything to do with the "bread winner" mentality." Well, Duke proved both with anecdotal evidence and labor department statistics that this isn't true. Women are paid less because they work fewer hours and make different decisions about careers. But you don't care about facts because they're not in line with your agenda. Yes, you've been programmed very well.


As a matter of fact "no name," everyone who is looking at this world through a clear lens knows that Christians, and especially those who call themselves Conservatives, are some of the most judgemental people you could ever meet. After all, just look at the foot-tapping, sexually deviant representatives you have in the government who are a part of the GOP. Look at Rush Limbaugh, who is no better than anyone he criticizes, as he is a drug addict himself. Conservatives are some of the most judgemental people, and really, they have no room. As far as John is concerned, if anyone has been programmed, it's you. Everything that Selwyn writes isn't true to form. Yes, women may take different career paths, and some women may work fewer hours, but these differences still don't account for the percentage gap that exists between the wages of men and women. Your excuse for the inexistence of wage discrimination is as stupid as denying any other -ism that we have here in America.

How is being judgmental a criterion for maladjustment exactly? Passing judgment on immoral and unhealthy behaviors discourages people from engaging in them. I would argue that being judgmental is, to an extent, a mark of compassion.

Based on your arguments about Larry Craig and Limbaugh, however, it seems that what you're trying to say is that conservative Christians are hypocritical in their judgmentalism. There's really nothing I can say on that topic that hasn't already been said here:


Women get paid less because God doesn't want them to to have jobs. Woman was made to be man's helpmate and to bear God's greatist gift, children. That is what they should be in society, not breadwinners.


Personally Zack, I feel sorry for the woman who gave birth to you. If God didn't want them to have jobs, He would have specifically said so, He definitely doesn't need you to interpret whatever it is that He meant. Furthermore, the bible says the we are to obey the law of the land, and that law specifically states that no discrimination based on sex, race, or any other personal -ism be the basis for pay discrimination. And to all who are reading this post, notice the rhetoric in which Zack is using. This is exactly why there is unequal pay because some of the men who think this way are in higher positions and making these decisions about your daughters, mothers, etc. And he also proves my point that some men, like himself, don't want to look across the board and see women sitting there. It's funny how you "conservatives" and "christians" prove liberal points the longer you keep running off at your big, fat lips!

well-paid working woman

democrat: I attended church last week for the first time in.....oh three years (maybe), excluding weddings and funerals, which ultimately doesn't count. So I am not the christian fundamentalist you are identifying. Jump off your high horse for a moment and lose your preconceived notions of christians and conservatives holding down women. Does that exist??? Of course it does, in ANY demographic it exists. I am thinking of a name............SPITZER.

What shall I become if my achievements are based on victimization? Screw that, I will continue to work hard....we have come along way since the 50's (thankfully) and when my daughter is my age she will have more opportunities BECAUSE I WORKED HARD.

Stop whining.

I can't help but wonder if you are a complaining female or an elitist male.....

well-paid working woman

no name: Thank you for sharing the article "Are Christians Hypocrites". My father is a devout christian and I battle with his beliefs at times, this is insightful.



What is wrong with you man? The other kids take your lunch money at school? Push you around? Lock you in your locker for an extended period on a hot day? You have got to shake off that incessant whine of yours and start talking like a grown up. (Now I don’t mean that in bad way.)

You’re sorry for my mother, are you? Well don’t be. She’s in her sixties and I’m sure she could mop the floor with you. So, take a break until you’re ready to engage in adult conversation. You know the old rule, “children should be seen and not heard.” Or in your case read.



I was wondering the same about you Zack! Couldn't get a date with anybody except your zit medication on Saturday nights? Seems to me as if you mom is the only woman who will listen to you. Maybe you should come back whenever you're ready for adult conversation because what I'm saying to you is well above you head.
And well paid working woman, don't worry about what I am, but I know what you are!



No, you weren’t wondering anything of the sort about me. Not even a good try. I’ll leave you alone though. You’ve got enough on your hands with well-paid working woman. Be nice, or she might just give you another spanking; which of course, you sorely deserve.

God Bless,


Come on Zack, don't quit now!!! Not when all of the fun is just beginning. What's the matter, Hand getting tired? Can it not multitask between blogging and keeping you warm at night? Neither you nor "working woman" can handle me on your best days. Out of all the scandels between politicians, all she can come up with is either Clinton (from 8+ years ago) or Spitzer. Please, you guys have enough or YOUR plates with trying to cover up for the embarrassements you call representatives on your team.



You vulgar little snot, you actually think the drivel you put up on this site has some meaning; like you’re adding to something and that people are impressed with your sissy wit. This is all you have isn’t it, airing your superiority on a blog read by a total of six people. What a pathetic blowhard you are! You aren’t bright enough even to be embarrassed by your own cornball ravings. I’ll bet you posted your last piece to me and patted yourself on the back, thinking that once again you got it over on somebody. Yes, you’re a real progressive crusader; though I’ll bet you’re timid as hell in person, aren’t you punk?


well-paid working woman

demobrat: I never mentioned Clinton......and the last thing I would ever do is profess perfection in any party. You are smart enough to know that is a pointless battle.


working woman, while you never mentioned Clinton, I know you were thinking it, because really, that's all you have. All you guys can do is continue to beat a dead horse. And compared to the nutjob we have in office now, getting a little blowjob on the side is nothing compared to sending our men and women off to die over oil.

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