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June 25, 2008


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For the most part, I can agree with this article, and feminists and male chauvenists need to understand that battling about our differences isn't getting either side anywhere. Men and womean are different, and we need to know that that's o.k. and that there's nothing wrong with being either sex. I don't agree with trying to emasculate boys while attempting to "harden" girls, however, I must address the point you bring up about women not "producing" a Socrates or an Einstein even. For most of history, women have been reduced to nothing more than baby-making machines or a group of personal whores. Throughout history, there has been one incident after another where women have been one of ten wives, but you have never heard of any males being one of ten husbands. Their ideas, if there was a record of any, were either not listened to or stolen by her male counterparts, and with this record of the reduction of women, how could they produce an Einstein? Even if they were given educations, there was only a limited opportunity for women, just look at an example such as Sandra Day O'Conner after graduating from Stanford Law School as early as the 20th century! All I'm saying is, look at the history of ones' plight before making judgements about what they have or have not produced.


The future of our young men is not too bright as long as the NEA has a death grip on the coffers of the system. Our education system is an experiment in socializim. It is said that every child has a right to an education, however by granting said right, the gov't mandates the type of education to be given. An equal oprotunity for mediocrity! The parent should have the right to the money that the child would be educated with, to put their young man into the school of their choice. A shcool that will build men and not confuse them with the trivial. Boys need the opprotunity to be who they were created to be and not who the NEA wants them to be.


Please…If we can’t send our boys to places where they will learn to become manly, GI Joe, queer baiting, men; then at least send them to where they can learn to use spell-check.

Logical Sanity

"...For most of history, women have been reduced to nothing more than baby-making machines "....


I think you've either made or missed the point-I'm not certain which. Precisely. That is one of the distinctions to be made of the sexes. Men have a gift that brought us to where we are today. The gift of physique and the right level of aggression in their nature have delivered us to this moment in history. Certainly, that is part of the evolutionary equation is it not?

It's been quite some time now wince the general liberation of women in the western world and Ive still yet to hear of a true "Einstein" with a pair of mammaries. God knows its over for us when that happens.

Long live the oldest natural law in the universe-MIGHT MAKES RIGHT


"Logical Sanity," in order to be deserving of your handle, you must see both sides of the fence. Being part of the evolutionary equation doesn't mean that you set out to conquer lands and kill millions of people in your quest of world dominance, i.e. Alex the Great, Hitler, and all of the others who could have settled the score of physique through sports or in a gym. As stated before, women have been systematically stiffled in one sense or the other, and as stated before, there are differences in men and women and that's fine. What's not fine is for a supposed "man" with the equation of evolution and God knows whatever else you were speaking of on you side, to cause men in general to react in such a way that hinders women that is ultimately counterproductive for everyone. There has been no society in history that has benefited from holding the productiveness of one species, whether that be male or female. It's quite idiotic for an adult male such as yourself to end your comment with a 7-year old's analogy for the battle of the sexes. Yes, the first person on earth was a man, however, all others have come from women.


“Long live the oldest natural law in the universe-MIGHT MAKES RIGHT”

The last guy before you, who actually said that in public, I believe followed up with a heart felt...Seig Heil!

Kevin Freitas

One of the most outrageous and ludicrous pieces of journalistic propaganda and misongyn thinking I've ever read. Bravo! You've singlehandedly put us back into the 19th century. Absurd!


The 19th Century is not all that bad. Bring tooth paste. Selwyn has made it, he has drawn they ire of one who uses the word "misongyn."

Ha Ha Herman


It's okay. I'm sure Mr. Freitas is a..."socializst."


Great piece of balanced honest writing Selwyn. Nice to know that not everyone in America is polarized in their thinking. I'm launching an MRA blog soon and will be listing one or two of your pieces for my visitors to read. Thanks.

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