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May 14, 2008


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Some Thing Wonderful God Made

This is sad, what happened to Sampson. I think that law makers should not be in a haste to make laws based off offending the next man. In my opinion this only causes more division in a country where several different races have to live together. My desired thoughts are thoughts that would mean a country too close to perfect. Racism is real in every race yet not every person in a race is racist. Blacks are still looked at differently (not in a positive way) and there is a double standard not in favor of whites. What are we to do? Every one fighting for the rights to be in favor of thier race yet calling it equal rights. Can we ever really have equal rights? Not in a country with such an ugly history. Whites will always feel short sited and blamed and blacks will always feel used and cheated. While forieners will always feel lucky just to have gotten here. But only for the first generation.

Spilt Milk

No one has the "right" to not be offended. We have become a nation of weak, spoiled children and it will be the end of us.


This is just another example of how Americans are continuously losing their inalienable rights which are still guaranteed within the Constitution. Somehow, with all the problems we are facing today, we have forgotten the reason we have a government in this country. That government was created to protect the "RIGHTS" of everyone. Whether you agree or disagree with what a person is reading, you have no right to infringe upon his or her liberties. I am happy though to hear that Mr. Sampson was able to achieve a reprieval. In my opinion Mr. Sampson was attempting to get answers dealing with one of the most degrading and demeaning issues in our country, he should have never been "labeled" as a racist for attempting to seek answers to his questions. I actually commend him for his efforts. As for the stalin tactics that seem to be ever increasing in our country, I assume that Christians will be seeing more leftist attacks just like this one. Since Mr. Sampson is Catholic, who knows, he may be accused of being discriminatory again if he ever decides to speak on the truth of Jesus Christ on campus. We, meaning "We the People", need to take control of our country again. I wonder why more laws are being based upon how you feel rather than upon the violation of your rights. As far as I can remember, if a racist kills someone, they are guilty of "murder". Whether they get convicted or not is another topic of discussion. However, if a racist calls someone a derogatory name, so what, are they truly guilty of a crime? Free speech, oh yes I remember reading about that somewhere once. I suggest we get over it, because there is no infringement of your rights, only your feelings got hurt. By the way I do understand what it feels like to be a target of racism, but I find that the person spewing the insults is in far worst shape than I am.


I think a study should be done on the current rise of nationalism in the western world, its relation to traditional and conservative movements, and its impact on the political landscape in the foreseeable future. What I have see is a rising tension growing within the American people, this tension has its roots in the civil rights movement of the hippy 60’s and the generational changes that the world is currently undergoing. Many of the problems we face today as the Western world are related to the boomer generation, and their contempt for all things that remind them of their parents, the compromise of the last two world wars are now breaking down, new battle lines a being drawn, old enemies are now allies, and old allies are now enemies. I fear the worst is coming, a repeat of the past, and the horrors of both world wars will be visited upon the current generations of man. This clash between civilization, the western worlds decline and now growing rebirth into the fires of Nationalism. The 80’s and 90’s saw the collapse of western values, culture and racial demographics, now we see the rise of the Dragon, Mohammedans, and the Latin Soviets, the coming battles will be fierce and the worst of all, we Americans will be forced to fight not only the enemy within, but the New Visigoths to the south. Prepare my fellow countrymen, the time is nearly upon us, you have but a few years to prepare yourself for what is to come, the end of all things and the rebirth of the old.

Jewel Atkins

My daughters used to enter the Scholastic Art poster contests. They used to be the typical liberal tripe, you know, world peace, don't smoke, tolerance, eat more vegetables. Then, one day, the topic was Racism...and guess what, their experiences in school were vastly different than what was allowed on the posters. Their experiences on the bus were that the black kids who weren't mixed race and the hispanic kids (who weren't black!) were usually the most beligerently racist against the white kids. Since we live in a very diverse neighborhood, their friends were all usually mixed race or black hispanics...who were also victims of racism within their own groups. My kids have seen black racism on black kids and hispanic racism against others in their own group. Because we were taught never to think of ourselves as "whites" we simply don't identify with racial categories. They have always seen themselves as Americans.
So enter the poster contest, in which only the victims of racism appear to be black or something non white, and so they just quit fighting the system.
Art is prostituted for politics....again.


For an in-depth look at the racist witch-hunt that goes on in modern America and the extremely negative repercussions it has on ALL parts of American society (black and white and others as well), you should check Amazon for the book "Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America" by Jared Taylor. Racism is alive and well, but it isn't whites persecuting black anymore...


I'd bet my bottom dollar that Lillian Charleston is obese.


The reference to Rush's describing this as "get-even-with-'em-ism" gets close to the key dynamics. It's really Now I've Got You, S.O.B., which is a dysfunctional game spelled out by a fantastic psychoanalyst and pioneer in understanding dysfunctional human relationships, Eric Berne.

In a nutshell, a group (or person) who feels inferior or long-persecuted vis a vis another group (or person) finds themself in a situation where they are in a superior position to their oppressor. They obviously then take out all the built up rage on the oppressor, as well as revel in any other positive benefits in dispensing "justice". It can be summed up, by relating the joyous internal comment in their sick mind, Now I've Got You S.O.B. This superior position though may be a totally fabricated construct because the inferior really wants some revenge on their opressor, and will use the thinnest of pretexts, even if made up of whole cloth (see Mike Nifong and Duke Lacrosse case), to claim the moral high ground and superior position.

Obviously the dynamic periodically is displayed on a grand scale here in America with African Americans starring in the role of the inferior, and whites, and some times the police, starring in the role of oppresor. Specific manifestations include...Al Sharpton & Tawana Brawley vs. the white police, the African American jury vs. the police officers that stopped Rodney King, the A-A jury vs. Nicole Simpson, the A-A community of Durham and its proxy Mike Nifong vs. the Duke Lacrosse team, and countless thought-police on college campuses (like with this latest episode) vs. white students/professors.


It's not always the "oppressed" that pursues race-baiting agendas. In the example of Mike Nifong, it was he who was inflamming race and social injustices, not the stripper. It was he whom we saw in front of the cameras making statements weekly and in most cases, daily. He, a white prosecutor who attempted to ruin 3 white lacrosse players. Is he one of the "oppressed."
Whether we like it or not, history has a way of repeating itself, and in most cases, it isn't pretty. For a long time, other nationalities were forced to believe that their particular beauty and parts of their cultures were not to be celebrated. That if your skin was a little darker, your nose not "pointed," or your eyelids lacking a fold, that you were not beautiful. "Mainstream" beauty is anything that looks white, and in order to be successful, you must have white attributes. The younger generations aren't heeding to this nonsense any longer, and although I don't agree with the stances that they take, I do understand it. What we need to do is work with our children at home and make them feel special and important so that they don't take their frustrations out on others for simple things like race and ethnicity.


Having supervised Keith, I am convinced that he did this with the knowledge that he would make trouble. Keith is student, yes but he was working as a janitor before he started taking classes. So the "student" is a misnomer, because he actually an employee.
Regardless, knowing that Keith is a troublemaker and a rabble rouser, I can only guess that he was reading the material, not because he sided with Notre Dame, but because he empathized with the Klan. Keith has tried the "reverse discrimination" thing before and failed. He is surrounded by blacks in his line of work, most are his co-workers and others are his supervisors usually.

This was calculated, but he again failed to get any money, which is his true agenda.

Dissertation Editing

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Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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If Keith was scheming (and I will take you on your word for that), then the university was mistaken in falling into his trap. A tolerant and diverse community should be more restrained than that.

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