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March 05, 2008


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I would feel better about the upcoming election if I had a say in the current nominees. We here in NC are already disenfranchised, we don't get to vote in the primaries until May!

I believe we need a national primary, winner take all, runoffs as needed for contests too close to call. Who knows, we might get better candidates!


Great article, what I can't figure out is why so many want to destroy America as we know it? I'm beginning to think that Liberalism is a disease! Liberals need to take ownership and responsibilty for their failed policys and laws then be judged by the "results" instead of their "intent"...


Great again Mr. Duke, Im currently writing a paper about the rights of man to vote in America so this article fell right in step. Thanks for all the work.

Shaun from UCA


Mr Duke, Inciteful as usual. However, the one factor which is always ignored in commentls like this is that of Race. The under-educated will tend to vote for 1. - the candidate they can most easily relate to (Race), 2. - The candidate that promises them "freebies". The current regime is not intent on destroying America, the intent is to redistribute as much of the wealth to the minorities as possible without waking those who will be saddled with the tab.

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