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March 27, 2008


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The Miss. Wie's entry into the PGA events was market driven. She promptly got her tail kicked in a big way. No biggie it is only merely reinforced men are stronger than women. Had she actually been prepared to compete with the men the story may have been different. Wanting a girl to compete and having a competitive girl are two different things.

On a Presidential level there is nothing that precludes a Black man or a woman from executing the job as a rule. However, the actual Black man and the actual woman that are running, if successful will set "the cause" back decades. He is not the right black man and she is not the right woman. Unlike golf we can not afford to take it for a test run. This is America, we balance the world. We can not elect a black man or a woman just because it would be cool. It scares the crap out of me that the MTV kids, between beer bongs and rave parties could decide the balance of the world.


Soviet Amerika

Ummm...let's do the math: Affirmative Action + Cultural Diversity = mediocrity. So welcome to the "NEW" America.


Affirmative Action doesn't mean mediocrity, it just means that there is a need for it in most situations. There are still some people out there who are in positions of authority that will not hire someone who is just as qualified, but may not be of the race or gender that one "prefers." And technically, if the Soviets are the ones that Soviet Amerika would like to model our country after, then we obviously see how strong of an economy and political structure they have, and as long as they have less democracy and more dictatorships, the continent of the majority will still live in the Third World environment that they are used to and deserve.

Soviet Amerika

I stand by my math. The United States is becoming a shadow of its former self. So called affimative action and diversity has contributed to this. You cannot throw minorities and gender into everything just to prove equality but leave out talent and intelligence.
I'm glad my "handle" has been noticed, because I'm a patriot and conservative. My name is simply a parody of what our great Country is sinking down to.


Wow! This is a brilliant beginning towards the truth. Have you the courage to take the next step? And the next?

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