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September 26, 2002


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Dominic Wohltman

This is an outstanding argument against moral relativism!

Thomas Naegele

If all that you said holds true, then it follows that there must exist one absolutely true religion. And only one. The idea of absolute truth was lost because society abandoned the one absolutely true religion. How to reverse society's disdain for truth? Teach them to love the only true religion.

Kirk H

I'm not so sure Thomas. What if no single religion is in possession of all truth? Or what if some religions possess certain truths, while others possess other truths? I agree with the notion of there being an objective and absolute truth that exists independent of men or men's opinions. And personally, I believe that Christianity offers the world the most complete set of absolute truths. It is troubling, however, to see so many different interpretations of the Holy Scriptures, and so many different beliefs even among the Christian sects.

What may be required is a fresh revelation from the one Being who is in possession of all truth. That would settle things. Maybe for a while, anyway.

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