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The New American: Dilbert Dumped: Hundreds of Newspapers Drop Popular Comic Strip Due to Creator’s “Racist” Remarks

By James Murphy

The iconic comic strip Dilbert is being removed by hundreds of newspapers across America due to comments made by its creator, Scott Adams. In citing a Rasmussen poll concluding that 47 percent of black people either rejected or were unsure on the question of whether “it’s OK to be white,” Adams advised, among other things, that white people should “get the hell away” from black people.

Adams made the remarks on his daily Real Coffee with Scott Adams podcast. (Relevant portion begins at 13:30 into the video.)

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National File: Video — Black Nursing Home Worker Beats Helpless White Patient as Onlooker Films

By Selwyn Duke

A disturbing video shared on Twitter by Stew Peters shows a black nursing home worker viciously beating an elderly, wheelchair-bound white woman as an onlooker cheers her on and films the attack.

The nursing home attack footage comes from Georgia and dates back to 2021, but is part of a larger pattern of abuse against White Americans, especially the elderly, at the hands of racial minorities. In recent years, such attacks have become a common sight online, as corporate media and uni-party politicians continue to push a blood libel against white people.

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Fox News: Ohio police probe report Black students assaulted, forced White students to say 'Black Lives Matter'

By Greg Wehner

A group of Springfield, Ohio, elementary school White students were allegedly threatened and assaulted after a group of Black students told them to say, "Black Lives Matter," or else, according to reports.

The Springfield Police Department said an officer responded to Kenwood Elementary School just before 10:20 a.m. on Feb. 13 in reference to an incident that happened on Feb. 10.

When the officer arrived, he spoke with the school’s principal, Evan Hunsaker, who said an incident occurred on the playground on Feb. 10 during recess.

The principal told police that a group of Black students gathered several White students in the playground and forced them to say, "Black Lives Matter," against their will, the incident report states.

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White Man Murdered in Interracial Incident, No Homicide Charges Filed, as Right to Self-defense Is Eroded

Prejudice SignBy Selwyn Duke

People have long lamented “bystander apathy,” as we make a motto of “See something, say something!” Yet it now appears the powers-that-be are demanding victim apathy.

Of course, couple this with defunding and handcuffing the police, and the population will be held hostage by criminals until people plead for security — and they may accept it even at the expense of liberty.

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The Blaze: 'White privilege' slurs shouted as suspect ran over ER doctor riding his bike, then stabbed him to death: Report

By Cortney Weil

A California accountant is in custody on a murder charge after he allegedly ran over a doctor in a crosswalk and then stabbed the man to death.

Around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Michael Mammone, a 58-year-old emergency medicine physician, was riding his bike through the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Crown Valley Parkway in Dana Point along the southern coast of California between Laguna Beach and San Clemente. As Mammone headed north through the crosswalk on his bike, a driver in a white Lexus suddenly careened into him, sending him soaring into the air and then crashing into the middle of the intersection.

At that point, the suspect, identified later as 39-year-old Vanroy Evan Smith, exited his vehicle and then approached the victim, who was severely injured. According to a press release from the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Smith then "assaulted Mammone with a knife."

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Affirmative-action Answer? Black Cops MORE Likely Than White Cops to Shoot Blacks

By Selwyn Duke

Perhaps, as gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder (R-Calif.) was accused of having been, they’re the “black face of white supremacy.” What black cops are not, however, is a policing panacea that will bring peace to savage streets and end the law enforcement “war on blacks.” This isn’t just because you can’t end something that isn’t occurring, but also for another reason:

Black and Hispanic officers are actually more likely to shoot black suspects than white cops are, according to studies.

What’s more, this phenomenon could be attributable to — and certainly is exacerbated by — affirmative action policies, which subordinate merit to racial quotas in the name of increasing police departments’ non-white representation.

The January 10 death of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols at the hands of five Memphis police officers might’ve been at least partially a result of this quota mentality, too. For at least two of those officers were hired under dumbed-down, leftism-inspired standards, according to a report.

Of course, if having the melanated as masters of a metropolis could deliver what the Left longs for, we wouldn’t now be discussing Memphis. After all, the city’s police chief is black, its city council is majority black, its population is 64 percent black, and its cops are 58 percent black (and three percent Hispanic).

Despite this, Wakanda it ain’t.

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