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AllHipHop: EXCLUSIVE: White Employee Sues Verizon After He's Caught Using "N-Word" While Discussing DMX On Company Phone

Was this man's termination a result of the usual double standard? 

By AllHipHop Staff

Caucasian man named Peter Kelly is suing Verizon for wrongful termination. Kelly, who worked for the company for more than 20 years, alleges management fired him in May 2021 for using the word “n-gga” while discussing DMX on a company phone. According to documents obtained by AllHipHop, Kelly is attempting to recover damages for Verizon’s “unlawful discrimination” against Kelly “in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.”

It continues: “This action also arises out of the breach by Plaintiff’s union, Defendant Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO (the ‘Union’), of the duty to provide fair representation, and of the breach by Plaintiff’s employer, Defendant Verizon New York Inc. (“Verizon”), of the collective bargaining agreement.”

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College Fix: Dartmouth $100,000,000 STEM program appears to exclude white men

By Kyle Reynolds

Ivy League college receives $25 million from couple to push initiative

Dartmouth College’s planned $100 million program to help “historically underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics,” is moving forward, aided by a recent gift that will cover one-fourth of the cost.

However, white male students appear to be excluded from the program, raising legal concerns. Groups included in the STEM-X initiative, according to Dartmouth, include “Black, Latinx, and Native Americans,” as well as “women.”

Several experts on Title IX sex discrimination and Title VI race discrimination law are concerned about the legality of the program, according to comments they made to The College Fix.

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New York Post: White parole officer claims bosses ignored threats against her in racial discrimination suit

By Jacob Geanous

A white Brooklyn parole officer claims that she was racially discriminated against by colleagues who called her a “snowcone” and superiors who made it “impossible” for her to do her job.

Samantha Rys, 51, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court this week against her two supervisors, Sabrina Davis and Tanya Johnson, both of whom are black, alleging that they did nothing to protect her when one of her parolees began threatening to rape, kill and dismember her last year.

Rys said that coworkers met her with disbelief and discrimination immediately after beginning her job as a parole officer in May 2021. One once told her that she needed a spray tan and hat because white people assigned to the Red Hook area of Brooklyn only “came to arrest people or take their child,” according to court papers

Colleagues also told her she would not be able to safely do her job because of her race, according to the documents.

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Larry Elder: Reparations: Blackwashing Slavery

By Larry Elder

When it comes to the absurdity of American taxpayers giving “reparations” to black descendants of slaves, it’s hard to limit the number of objections. Apart from the fact that American slavery, though horrific, was legal; that it ended 157 years ago; that the government did not own slaves, the private sector did; that most Southerners did not own slaves; that nearly all slave owners were Democrats — so why should non-Democrats pay?; that hundreds of thousands of white Northerners lost their lives and suffered serious injuries fighting in the Civil War that ended slavery; and that today, as conservative writer Michael Medved puts it, only about 5% of whites bear “a generational guilt” to slavery — there’s the role Africa itself played.

Take the 2022 movie “The Woman King,” starring Viola Davis, about African female warriors. It portrays white slavers as villains and the female warriors as antislavery avengers, and the film claims it is “Inspired by true events.”

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American Greatness: The Greatest Existential Threat to America

By David Horowitz

Our secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin—the man who presided over the worst, most incompetent, most humiliating military defeat in the history of our nation—is black. Of course, he’s black. He was appointed by Joe Biden to display the wonderful diversity of the most progressive president in history. He wasn’t chosen because he was a brilliant military leader (obviously). He was chosen because he was a political hack ready and willing to embrace even the most suicidal left-wing policies. Left-wing policies are by their very nature suicidal because the defining characteristic of the Left is that it hates America and wants to “dismantle” it and replace it with the left-wing fantasy of a socially just future.

In February, with the deadline for withdrawal in Afghanistan a bare three months away, General Austin was not ordering a military alert to prepare for what was going to be a major humanitarian and military reckoning. Instead, he was ordering a military “stand down” to indoctrinate all America’s troops in Black Lives Matter hate white people and hate America propaganda.

In passing, may I note that 85 percent of the troops who gave their lives in Afghanistan to protect America and to give the Afghan people (and women especially) the right to breathe free were white? So much for actual diversity.

Diversity training in practice is a racist scam whose promoters have the hateful mentality and low IQ level....

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Most Recent Update on Murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant

By Selwyn Duke

This is the most recent update I've found on the case of Cannon Hinnant, the five-year-old white boy who was shot in the head, point blank, by black neighbor Darius Sessoms in 2020. Sessoms may very well be off his rocker; sane people don't generally commit such crimes, after all. But had you heard about this case? If the races were reversed, you certainly would have. 

By the way, at one time I contacted the local police and asked them what the motive for the crime could have been. I never heard back from them. And to this day, I've never heard a motive mentioned.


RAIR: Anti-White Indoctrination: Marxist Manipulation of Children's Minds Through Language

By Lisa Reynolds

Now white people can’t even be friendly to minorities without accusations of racism.

The woke Left has been trying to exert political control and further cement its victimhood narrative through restrictive language changes. Racist common language glossaries have been popping up all over college campuses, including publicly funded schools. While some of the glossaries use traditional definitions typical for discussions of race, others have gone full Orwellian, altogether redefining words, inventing others, and openly promoting anti-white sentiment.

...In black and white, for all students to read, are all the “white people” definitions one would expect — white privilege, white guilt, white fragility, white supremacy.

White Guilt: (n.) the feelings of shame and remorse some white people experience when
they recognize the legacy of racism and racial injustice and perceive the ways they have
benefited from it.

White Fragility: (n.) the tendency among members of the dominant white cultural group
to have a defensive, wounded, angry, or dismissive response to evidence of racism.

White Privilege: (n.) refers to societal privilege that benefits white people over non-white people in some societies, particularly if they are otherwise under the same social,
political, or economic circumstances.

White Supremacy: (n.) the theory or belief that White people are innately superior to
people of other races.

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